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The Tunnel (2011) Official Teaser Trailer - How Musicians Can Use Creative Commons. What is Creative Commons?

How Musicians Can Use Creative Commons

According to their website, Creative Commons is “a nonprofit organization that develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.” Their licenses provide “simple, standardized alternatives to the all-rights-reserved paradigm of traditional copyright.”

Thanks to the internet, the means are now available to have near-universal access to information, which would allow everyone to participate in the dialog when it comes to culture, art, research, education, development, and progress. However, the strictures of existing copyright standards (as well as, ya know, access to computers and the internet) can prevent this full exchange. A Creative Commons license intends to remove those legal barriers while honoring both the content creator/”owner” and the participant/listener/reader, etc. What will Creative Commons allow me to do as a musician?

Is Creative Commons for me? Creative Commons options. CASH Music Platform by CASH Music. Update: COMP!!!

CASH Music Platform by CASH Music

Okay we can finally start talking details on the digital comp that comes with all pledges $10 and over. It's only available until the Kickstarter campaign is over, and will only be given to backers. 28 Seeds by Liars & Believers & Broken Toys. It’s an apocalyptic, sci-fi, steampunk collaboration between experimental theater company Liars & Believers and the steamCRUNK band Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys. 28 Seeds tells the story of how greed and ignorance destroyed the world.

28 Seeds by Liars & Believers & Broken Toys

This is HP Lovecraft meets rock music and 1000 channels of cable TV; it’s government conspiracy, burlesque, ray guns, and tentacles; it blends a live rock show, science fiction, dance, theatre, video and sound into an immersive performance experience. Over 25 Boston artists and performers are sharing in this unique collaboration. We’re bringing together innovative theatre, with all its story-telling tools, and the wild music of a live steampunk band. We have musicians, actors, dancers, video artists, sound artists, graphic artists and more. Iron Sky. Your favorite author, brought to you by a wealthy patron.

Amanda Palmer: The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR by Amanda Palmer. DAVID LYNCH DOCUMENTARY (LYNCH THREE) by LYNCH THREE PROJECT. There's less than 1 hour left to lend your support towards the making of this unique and timely film about David Lynch!


Our aim is to make a film that deeply explores the influences and experiences that have helped shape one of the most distinctive voices in modern cinema. We’re in the process of making the film, but need your help in order to complete it. That’s why we’re reaching out to all David Lynch fans to lend a hand. In return for your support, we've created some really cool rewards that we think reflects your help in breathing life into this film: a special limited edition DVD of the completed film that includes bonus material only available through this Kickstarter campaign. As an extra bonus: all rewards of $25 or more will receive an exclusive 45 minutes of special "behind the scenes" audio interviews with David Lynch and the LYNCH THREE team (as a digital download) Having been given unparalleled access, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to tell David Lynch's story.

Amanda Palmer + Neil Gaiman talk about the effect of twitter and the internet on music business. Iron Sky Teaser 3 - We Come In Peace! Iron Sky: Watch the New Teaser! Dope Stars Inc. - Ultrawired - Pirate Ketaware for the TLC Gener. Amanda Palmer Interview: How To Get Rich On Twitter. Amanda Palmer MIDEM Interview. Kim Boekbinder and Amanda Palmer - "Such Great Heights" by Kim Boekbinder. Nina Paley's Blog. Nina Paley: My Decision To Turn Down Netflix Due To DRM. If This Is 'Piracy' Then I Support Piracy. One of the common refrains in the comments from some of Techdirt's biggest critics is that I'm a "piracy supporter.

If This Is 'Piracy' Then I Support Piracy

" I'm not sure what to make of such claims, because I don't actually support or endorse copyright infringement. I don't partake of it (willingly). I don't use any file sharing programs for downloading or sharing content. I don't download unauthorized music or movies. Why music artists are encouraging a generation of freeloaders. With record deals no longer perceived as a revenue model by music artists, bands are dishing out their music free of cost through online downloads, even encouraging you to rip CDs to share with friends.

Why music artists are encouraging a generation of freeloaders

Bhairavi Jhaveri finds out why online piracy is the perfect strategy to expand fan base. Support Online Piracy. The battle between online pirates and corporations is heating up.

Support Online Piracy

In the last few days both sides have had significant victories. The pirates have proven yet again that they have guts after a version of the newest X-Men film was released onto The Piratebay, the world's largest pirate website, before it was released in the theatres. But the corporations are fighting back in States such as France and Sweden which have passed laws that will, if unopposed, inaugurate the death of the internet dream. No longer a wild frontier, unsettled and open to future possibilities, the fight against online piracy is justifying increasingly draconian measures that will put our online behavior under the corporate-capitalist microscope.

How good/bad is the industrial music scene doing in the digital download/streaming market? We found it out for you. - Industrial Music Facebook news at SIDE.