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Name Lars. Vuffer to my finds. i am from Denmark. and i been working with Fetish Erotic Art.. Vuffer (Lars) on deviantART Vuffer (Lars) on deviantART
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Superhero DEFILERS - Gay Adult Vids Superhero DEFILERS - Gay Adult Vids Clark started to get change in what he believes to be a normal hotel room. Unfortunately for him it transpires to be a an Alien Experiment Chamber. Superman is then subjects to a series of experiments which include milking his forced erections, anal probing, being made into a living fountain and having his mammary glands enalarged ie given tits. The alien makes a brief appearance to give Superman a quick face probe with a biological groinal member. The story ends with a scene not show here in preview which spell a distressing future for the Man of Steel (mmmwwaaarrgghh). CENSORING: None
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BAD ENDS Superman catches an old woman falling. She wraps her arms around Superman's thick neck, can get close to hero's powerful body as planned... Taking this opportunity, she brings out a white ball and eggs to Superman's mighty muscular chest! The ball crashes, stuffing black substance sticks to "S" emblem covering diesel pectoral of the Man of Steel. The gungy dark liquid spreads almost all of his costume, it coats even Superman's bare skin, face and hands. The old woman was a disguise of Misa, she dashes gunge called Solar Leech to Superman's body which sucks and prevents sunlight and energy of yellow sun. BAD ENDS
スーパーマン |   ~特撮ヒーロー陵辱劇場へようこそ~                   ※妄想コラ画像(18禁)ブログです。閲覧注意※ 
" Masked SUPERHEROES EXPOSED" Stripping out of their costumes: masks, tights, capes, boots and exposing buffed superhero hard bodies. Superheroes dressing or undressing out of their super tight latex, spandex, http://www.herointrouble.com/ http://www.herointrouble.com/
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Superhero DEFILERS Hi all and apologies for the quiet period. The time out was due to a combination of my usual procrastination and serious contemplating as to whether this is the direction in life I wish to continue with. Especially as I now show my face more in videos. Obviously my conclusion is I want to continue taking this path and make bigger and better superhero adult videos :-D Working Out The news is good and bad on this front. Superhero DEFILERS
Men In Peril! The Comet, despite his showy name, is not the brightest bulb in the 60-watt box as we know. More often than not, he is captured or falls prey to some evildoer as a result of his own bumbling rather than any super-genius moves on the part of his arch-enemies... Today's panel is no exception. Men In Peril!
Iceman Blue Official Blog Iceman Blue Official Blog I'm extremely excited to say Camili-Cat: Mounted, a Digital Mini Comic by yours truly, Iceman Blue, is available now at Class Comic's Online Store. Buy yours today and let me know what you think of it! Here's more product information courtesy from my friends at Class Comics!
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Sick Obsession Chapter 1, a justice league fanfic Controlling, Possessive, Power, Sick Obsession Chapter 1, a justice league fanfic
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