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Heros in peril

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Captured Heroes. 英文名叫Nicholas的超人的微博_微博. Peter Parker. T Ton. Peter Parker. Todd Fleming. Hero Smasher. Scott Bales. Captured Heroes. Clark Kent. Sean Williams. Superheroes Vs Supervillains - Thailand. Super Hero Collection: Archive.


Superman Specific. Vuffer (Lars) on deviantART. Kdh1911a1's deviantART gallery. #YAOISUPERHEROS on deviantART. Yaoi Gallery. Superhero DEFILERS - Gay Adult Vids. Clark started to get change in what he believes to be a normal hotel room.

Superhero DEFILERS - Gay Adult Vids

Unfortunately for him it transpires to be a an Alien Experiment Chamber. Superman is then subjects to a series of experiments which include milking his forced erections, anal probing, being made into a living fountain and having his mammary glands enalarged ie given tits. The alien makes a brief appearance to give Superman a quick face probe with a biological groinal member. The story ends with a scene not show here in preview which spell a distressing future for the Man of Steel (mmmwwaaarrgghh).

CENSORING: None. Straight Superhero Subdued. How to Kill a Superhero: Archive. Muscle in Tentacles: Archive. BAD ENDS. SUPERHERO IN DISTRESS.   ~特撮ヒーロー陵辱劇場へようこそ~                   ※妄想コラ画像(18禁)ブログです。閲覧注意※ Shirtless Superheroes. Beaten-up heroes. Chained Male .... Defeated Heroes .. Superhero Central. Drained Heroes. Superhero DEFILERS. Men In Peril! Iceman Blue Official Blog. The Collector - Main Page. Sick Obsession Chapter 1, a justice league fanfic. Controlling, Possessive, Power,

Sick Obsession Chapter 1, a justice league fanfic