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Social Studies

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History Channel Apps for Multiple Mobile Devices (from Android to Apple Watch!) The History Channel is a great resource for multimedia to share with students.

History Channel Apps for Multiple Mobile Devices (from Android to Apple Watch!)

In addition to their website they have a handful of of mobile apps designed for users with access to multiple types of devices. It’s a terrific option for classrooms with different types of tablets. You might even share this list with students and their families so they can explore history outside of school hours. The HISTORY app is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Store, Their travel app HISTORY HERE is great for virtual field trips and available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store. Ultimate History Quiz is available on the Apple App Store and for BlackBerry devices. There are even more apps from the History Channel to check out on their website!

Join the newsletter! Sign up for my weekly newsletter and special messages... and you'll get INSTANT access to my eBooks, freebies and more! Yours in Learning, Monica :) Monica. Ripped Apart – An iPad App About the Civil War. Pocket Law Firm – A Civics Game for Students. Travel the World from Your Classroom: Free iPad Apps for Virtual Field Trips. Not every school has the resources necessary to take their students on an airplane . . . or spaceship.

Travel the World from Your Classroom: Free iPad Apps for Virtual Field Trips

The iPad can bring the world to your students' fingertips in ways never before possible. Many national parks and museums have apps designed for onsite visitors. These navigational tools are also great for classrooms who can't make the trip. In fact, a variety of free apps can be used as virtual field trips so that children can travel the world from your classroom! National Parks by National Geographic National Parks by National Geographic is full of breathtaking pictures and information on National Parks including Acadia, Mount Rainier, Yellowstone and Zion. Gettysburg For a virtual tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield, the Gettysburg Battle app can be used in classrooms commemorating the 150th anniversary of this Civil War battle. Getty Museum The Life of Art app designed by the Getty Museum focuses on four items from their collection. NASA Earth Now Timeline - Art Museum Sphere.

Free iPad Apps to Teach Current Events. My students use their iPads as creators every day, whether they are recording their thoughts, using virtual tools or publishing authentic assessments.

Free iPad Apps to Teach Current Events

Content can be both created and consumed using an iPad, and my students take on both roles. There are abundant resources for content consumption, and these apps can be used to teach current events. Many schools are increasing their use of informational and multimedia texts in order to align their instruction to the Common Core Learning Standards. It's important to acknowledge that current events are more than just articles in a newspaper. There are a variety of free iPad apps that students and teachers can use to access high-interest texts and video clips that will connect your classroom to the world.

Watchup This app is in my top ten for personal use, and it has a clear place in your classroom. SnagFilms There are lots of ways to introduce current events into your classroom, and documentary films can be a powerful tool. NBC Nightly News. 16 Excellent iPad Apps for Social Studies. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started featuring posts containing lists of iPad apps specific to each content area.

16 Excellent iPad Apps for Social Studies

We are very much hoping to create a huge repository of peer reviewed apps for teachers and educators to access for free and at any time they want.Yes, it is not easy to cover all the subject areas because of the paucity of resources but we will do our best to provide each teacher no matter what subject they teach, with apps to help them improve their teaching in their content area.

Today we are covering iPad apps for Social Studies, we have organized them into different categories and we hope you will find them practical. Check them out below and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy 1- Geography 1- Atlas for iPad Free Atlas for iPad features valuable Information and Maps on over 250 world entities. 2- 3D National Parks Lite Take a three-dimensional journey through the United States National Parks.

Creating tours is just as fun and easy too! 8 Must-Have Apps for Geography Class. Ask a student what the capital of Burkina Faso is and most will give you a blank stare.

8 Must-Have Apps for Geography Class

Most would be lucky to even tell you the continent the country is a part of. With these 8 must-have apps for geography, not only will students learn the capital of Burkina Faso (it’s Ouagadougou by the way), but they will learn a lot of geographical facts, as well as information that will help them navigate and better understand the world. Stack the States/Stack the Countries The Stack the States and Stack the Countries apps provide a fun way for children to learn about the 50 states and countries around the world. Featured in the apps are animated characters shaped like different states and countries. Geography Quiz Geography Quiz tests students’ knowledge about four different continents: North America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Geogame With the Geogame World Series app, students can learn facts related to seven different geography categories.