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8 Steps to Using WordPress for Project Management. If you’ve ever had to juggle numerous projects and clients at one time you know just how challenging it can be to keep the project organized and running smoothly.

8 Steps to Using WordPress for Project Management

Imagine having five to ten projects going consecutively, with multiple clients and multiple employees you need to communicate effectively with. Each project has its own unique requirements, pushing even the best project manager’s skills to the limit. What are some solutions? Many project managers rely on email, but when you have multiple projects, your inbox becomes overwhelming. There’s also the possibility of losing an important email to spam or an accidental deletion. First, create subdomains for each of your projects. Download and install Inline-Google-Docs Plugin. Managing your project with WordPress is a great way to stay organized and keep all the pieces of your project running smoothly. This article was provided by University Alliance and submitted on behalf of Villanova University. Guest. Dealing With Difficult Clients.

Clients come in all stripes.

Dealing With Difficult Clients

But difficult clients come in archetypes: The Naysayer, The Answer Man, The Linebacker, The Xenophobe. If you can recognize them, you’ll be better equipped to create a rewarding, lasting, and headache-free client relationship. Let’s put it simply. You were hired because your client needs something from you that they don’t already have. This puts you inherently in a position of influence; your goal should be to achieve a delicate balance between listening and acting.

The Naysayer How to Spot Him: The Naysayer is constantly pushing back on your ideas, imploring you to start over, making suggestions, and rejecting drafts. What’s Really Going on: The Naysayer is defending himself. How to Disarm Him: Define the terms. The Naysayer is constantly pushing back on your ideas, imploring you to start over, making suggestions, and rejecting drafts. The Answer Man The Answer Man is not impressed by your expertise; he has a problem and he wants it fixed. What’s Really Going On: Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine. Action Method I: Breaking Projects into Primary Elements. If you know anything about magic, you know that the best tricks are the ones that are the most simple to perform.

Action Method I: Breaking Projects into Primary Elements

Levitation relies on pulleys, floating dollars need thread, and the disappearing coin depends on hidden pockets; all of the most remarkable tricks have the most “obvious” explanations. Similarly, the best methods for managing projects are simple and intuitive. They help you capture ideas and do something with them—no more, no less. This simple efficiency keeps you engaged and on task with as little effort as possible. The Action Method begins with a simple premise: everything is a project.

Nature by Numbers on Vimeo. Video. Video. Video. Google buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 bn - The Botswana Gazette. WASHINGTON (AFP) - Google shook up the mobile phone industry Monday with the announcement it is buying US handset maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash in a bid to extend the reach of its Android platform. The surprise move gives Google a strong patent portfolio to defend Android against attacks from smartphone rivals such as iPhone maker Apple and turns a company known for its software into a hardware manufacturer.

Analysts said the acquisition also has major implications for handset makers such as Taiwan's HTC, South Korea's Samsung and others who are using Android to power their mobile devices. Google and Motorola Mobility said they have entered into an agreement under which the Internet titan will buy Motorola Mobility for $40.00 per share, a 63 percent premium over the closing price of Motorola Mobility shares on Friday. They said the boards of directors of both companies have unanimously approved the deal, Google's largest acquisition ever. Sybase IQ Gains Beefier Analysis Capabilities - Software - Information Management. Analytic database graduates from marts to enterprise data warehouse needs through massively parallel processing, distributed querying, and an API for unstructured data.

Sybase IQ Gains Beefier Analysis Capabilities - Software - Information Management

(click image for larger view) Slideshow: 8 Big DataDeployments In Detail More data, more data types, more queries, and more users. Sybase says it can handle it all with Sybase IQ 15.3, an upgraded analytic database released late last week. An upgrade path is particularly important for IQ since the database has been around for more than a decade and is in use by more than 2,000 customers. Like other column-store databases (like HP Vertica and ParAccel), Sybase IQ has been used mostly for focused, data-mart-style deployments. To handle diverse analyses, 15.3 adds distributed processing capabilities that execute queries across multiple CPUs in a PlexQ grid. A key difference between Sybase IQ and most other MPP-capable products is that it remains a shared-everything, rather than shared-nothing environment.

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