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Current account In economics, a country's current account is one of the two components of its balance of payments, the other being the capital account. The current account consists of the balance of trade, net factor income (earnings on foreign investments minus payments made to foreign investors) and cash transfers. The current account balance is one of two major measures of a country's foreign trade (the other being the net capital outflow). Current account

MBA Online

MBA Online Founded in 1988 in London, the Financial Times is hailed as one of the world’s leading global business news organizations. Additionally, the Financial Times recognizes the best management programs through its annual rankings in six areas related to MBA, Executive MBA, Master in Finance, and Master in Management. Since 2005, the Financial Times has been ranking online MBA programs. The 2014 Online MBA Listings are comprised of 46 leading business schools in the world, 18 of which are in the United States. The Methodology To be eligible for ranking, schools must be accredited by AACSB or Equis, have programs running a minimum of four years, and have graduated its first class at least three years prior to the ranking publication date.
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