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Third-World Wind Power: First Look. Science and Engineering Festival Player > Bill Nye discusses space with Yoshimoto Cube. The Gadget Guide. Interesting High-speed Video Clips. The video clips below were filmed with a special high-speed camera.

Interesting High-speed Video Clips

The super slow-motion playback lets you visualize effects that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with a standard video camera. NOTE: No humans or animals were hurt during the filming of any of these clips.Also, all humans (and my pet dog) were willing and eager participants.Any discomfort was willingly accepted in the interest of science. The video clips are Windows Media files.Click on the icon below if you wish to download the latest free player. Mozilla Firefox. Perpetual Futility A short history of the search for perpetual motion. by Donald E.

Mozilla Firefox

Simanek Popular histories too often present perpetual motion machines as "freaks and curiosities" of engineering without telling us just how they were understood at the time. Spontaneous Synchronization. National Air and Space Museum: How Things Fly. The Most Beautiful Machine, 2003. 3D Printing Demo 1 - ZCorp Zprint 650. How Differential Gear works must see 100%