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Muddymelly on deviantART. Free Graphics for Games. Animated Battlers. Rockin' Indie Games one pixel at a time. Forum Rules and Resource Guide.

Japanese RPGM

Free Stuff. Galleries. Pixels Go Mad: The Celebration Of Pixel Art. Advertisement Pixel art lives both in and beyond computer screen.

Pixels Go Mad: The Celebration Of Pixel Art

Artists design pixel art posters, magazine covers, album covers, desktop wallpapers, paintings, “pixelish” video ads and even pixelated tattoos. And there is a good reason behind it: in times when popular design solutions strive for real-life-look or perfection pixel art offers a distinctive and creative artistic approach which is extremely expressive. In fact, pixel art can be impressive as well. This post attempts to prove just that. Below we present over 50 excellent pixel art designs — illustrations, paintings and posters as a part of our ongoing monday inspiration series. Please be patient: the images may take some time to load. Sprite Database. Indie Resources. On the 30th July 2014 the site got updated, restrutured and redesigned… however the update is still not finished and thus this new Indie Resources overview page is partly incomplete.

Indie Resources

In case you are missing something you can still check out the outdated old Indie Resources page until the update is complete. Thank you for your understanding. (Game Making Tools, Game Design, Postmortems, Programming, Project Management…) (Create/Download Graphics, Hire Graphic Designer…) (Create/Download Sound + Music, Hire Sound Designer/Musician/Voice Actor…) (Distribution of Game via Payment Processor, Digital Store, Free File Hoster…) (Starting & Running A Business, Game Revenue, Postmortems…) (released…but still unfinished. rest of the articles will be added in the next few days.) Game creation community.

Blade2k » filesDisclaimer We do not endorse resources without proper credit (and permission, if that should be needed) from the original creator.

game creation community

However, since we can't check everything ourselves, we ask of anyone who knows the real creator of a resource to contact us about it. If he/she should want it removed, we will comply. In addition, we will warn the member who uploaded the resource without giving proper credit to refrain from doing so in the future. If you have any information, send an e-mail with the subject RESOURCE to Please Support blade2k: visit the forums and come chat with us. Indie game development. Kendra Schaefer » free icons. IE Icons, AO portraits + buildings. Various items today.

IE Icons, AO portraits + buildings

I know that pictures are pretty much the best thing ever, so I've made sure to have plenty of those to show. Icons for Immortal Empire Immortal Empire (yes, go have a look) is a game I've done some work for which I've gotten permission to talk about -- it's some sort of fantasy tactics/RPG game where you collect items and build characters, cast spells and it's all .. in-browser somehow? Torque Game Builder. Hello, I've recently been using TGB and just completed my first game tutorial, the Fish Game.

Torque Game Builder

Itw as fun and I enjoyed it a lot. However, in order to begin teaching myself outside of full tutorials I wanted to add a few things to the game that wasn't already included in the game. Mainly a score board and a main menu with which to begin the game. Charas, rpgmaker, the chara generator. Free Art Contracts. ARMY OF TROLLS - Pixelart - Pixel Art. Dots of Light. Pixel Art. [portfolio] Charles.

Used in Game Torque 2D is an extremely powerful, flexible, and fast open source engine dedicated to 2D game development.

The MIT licensed version of Torque 2D is now available on GitHub. Cross Platform Development at Its Best Torque 2D was developed with OS X, Windows, and iOS devices in mind and works equally well on all the platforms. As with all of our products, Torque 2D includes the complete C++ source code to the engine and many example toys. It also includes access to TorqueScript, our scripting language which allows developers to write the same gameplay logic on Windows or OS X and have it work on the other platforms! Graphics Torque 2D's powerful rendering is perfectly suited to achieving a great looking artistic style. Free graphics and sounds for your game! I recently needed to refresh my math a bit in order to detect the intersection of a line and a rectangle, or a line and a point.

Free graphics and sounds for your game!

For everything so far, I had been using rectangular bounding boxes and simply using the standard built-in Rectangle .Intersects() functionality: if (bullets[i].Rect.Intersects(zombie.Rect)) zombie.alive = false; List of Game Artists. A very large number of game developers come to Lostgarden looking for game art.

List of Game Artists

(Apparently I'm on the first page of results if you search for 'free game art') Of those folks that show up, some are happy to find my collections of free art. A whole slew of other write me asking if I can make art for them. Unfortunately I haven't done contract art for decades and now pretty much exclusively focus on game design. My artist days happened about three careers ago. :-) But still I hate the idea of not being able to connect talented teams with amazing artists.

This post is an experiment. Support - Resources. Free Sprites. Free Sprites Many years ago, I drew around 700 fantasy-themed avatar images for a games competition.

Free Sprites

Pixel Art & Sprites 分享區. OpenClipArt. SpriteLib. Overview SpriteLib is a collection of static and animated graphic objects (also commonly known as sprites). It was created to provide hobbyist game developers with an assortment of images to use in their creations. Free, legal art for open source game projects. is excited to announce that as of April 1, 2014, we have been acquired by Facebook!

Free, legal art for open source game projects

As a result of this deal, we promise that absolutely nothing will change even though Mark Zuckerberg now literally owns BartK. We will not, for instance, take away all current license options and replace them with a single license that grants all ownership of your content to Facebook.