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The world's most valuable sports media rights properties. NHL focused on World Cup over Olympics, says Bettman. The Places in America Where College Football Means the Most. By Neil Irwin and Kevin Quealy It is hard to explain to someone who grew up in a big city in the Northeast just how big a deal college football is in the Southeast.

The Places in America Where College Football Means the Most

College sports, and particularly football, occupy a role at the center of daily life in the South — like in South Carolina, where one of us grew up — that is hard to imagine for many people who grew up in New York or Boston. Last month we published The Upshot’s map of college football fandom, showing where people root for what college teams. NHL u-turn as Daly talks up Las Vegas franchise. National Hockey League (NHL) deputy commissioner Bill Daly has suggested the North American ice hockey competition is prepared to break new ground by placing an expansion franchise in Las Vegas.

NHL u-turn as Daly talks up Las Vegas franchise

In a wide-ranging interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, Daly (pictured) discussed a recent visit to Las Vegas, where he visited the site on which MGM Resorts is building a 20,000-seat arena and canvassed opinion from locals working in the city’s bustling service industry. » Recours collectif de 180 millions: du gros n’importe quoi. J’ai l’impression que chaque fois qu’un groupe relance le débat des mauvaises conditions des joueurs de hockey junior, il s’y prend de la pire des façons.

» Recours collectif de 180 millions: du gros n’importe quoi

Bref, un échec assuré. Intenter un recours collectif astronomique de 180 millions de dollars contre le Ligue canadienne de hockey, ça fait bien sûr jaser. Tous les médias reprennent la nouvelle, même ceux qui en temps normal, ne s’intéressent jamais au hockey junior. Sauf que le montant est tellement énorme qu’il en devient ridicule. Club 1909. World Series 2014: Baseball Is No Longer the Center of Attention in a New Landscape. Photo It may be America’s national pastime, but it has never felt less national.

World Series 2014: Baseball Is No Longer the Center of Attention in a New Landscape

On Tuesday night, the first game of the 2014 World Series drew just 12.2 million viewers to Fox, making it the lowest-rated Game 1 on record. Game 2 on Wednesday night fared somewhat better, with 12.9 million people tuning in. N.F.L. Stands by Its Push to Connect to Fans Digitally. Photo The media machine rolls on, Mark Cuban be damned.

N.F.L. Stands by Its Push to Connect to Fans Digitally

Earlier this year, Mr. Disney & Time Warner vont verser 24 milliards à la NBA. Plusieurs médias ont relayé l’annonce ce matin, la NBA va signer un contrat historique avec Time Warner, qui détient TNT, et Disney, l’actionnaire majoritaire d’ESPN et ABC, doublant le montant acté sur les précédents contrat.

Disney & Time Warner vont verser 24 milliards à la NBA

Sniffing for Dollars at Home of the Vikings. MINNEAPOLIS — The Wilfs, a family of real estate barons from New Jersey, offer an excellent example of that rarefied subspecies known as the 21st-century owner.

Sniffing for Dollars at Home of the Vikings

They have poured money into the , the team they bought in 2005. In N.F.L. and Other Sports, Players Have a Muted Reaction to Teammates' Wrongdoing. Photo As doping grew pervasive in cycling in recent decades, riders banded together and protected one another, even as laws were broken.

In N.F.L. and Other Sports, Players Have a Muted Reaction to Teammates' Wrongdoing

The omerta permeated baseball, too, when players rarely grumbled publicly about their peers’ use of performance-enhancing drugs. The latest case study of group dynamics in professional sports is now playing out in locker rooms in the aftermath of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson episodes. For High School Football Coaches and Fans, a New Digital Blitz. Photo.

For High School Football Coaches and Fans, a New Digital Blitz

Justice - La NFL secouée comme jamais. Où en sont les quatre procédures ?

Justice - La NFL secouée comme jamais

Ray Rice (ex-Baltimore), sans club et suspendu sans limite: l’aspect civil est clos sans réelle sanction. Côté Ligue, le syndicat des joueurs a fait appel de sa suspension, l’estimant condamné deux fois pour les mêmes faits après la révélation de la vidéo où il frappe et assomme sa fiancée (devenue sa femme). Michele Roberts, N.B.A. Union’s New Leader, Confronts Gender Barriers - Photo Last month, inside a grand ballroom at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Michele A. What the O’Bannon Ruling Means for Colleges and Players - The landmark decision in the so-called O’Bannon case that found that the N.C.A.A. violated antitrust laws may be precedent setting and may ultimately cost colleges hundreds of millions of dollars. But it is unlikely to create a windfall for any individual athlete.

In her 99-page decision, Judge Claudia Wilken laid out the justification for her injunction. Q. N.C.A.A. Must Allow Colleges to Pay Athletes, Judge Rules - Photo. Fears Rise Over Wealth Gap as Top College Conferences Push Overhaul - Continue reading the main story Video The head football coach at Alabama makes $6.9 million a year, and his staff is also very well paid.

The offensive coordinator makes $680,000 a year, and the defensive coordinator makes $1.35 million. The strength and conditioning coach earns $395,000. Record revenues for Packers shed light on NFL finances. Vikings step up MLS franchise bid with Relevent Sports tie-up. Les « Fantasy League », ce marché périphérique du sport aux enjeux colossaux - L'Observatoire du sport business. C’est un milieu peu connu en France, un « business » encore sous-développé et pourtant… les perspectives y sont énormes.

$2 Billion for Clippers? In Time, It May Be a Steal for Steve Ballmer. Photo. Japan targets baseball as potential economic spur. The Japanese government has suggested that increasing the number of professional baseball teams in the country from 12 to 16 could boost the national economy. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party put the suggestion forward as part of a set of recommendations to boost the country’s economy. The Reuters news agency said the list also includes measures such as slashing corporate taxes and reforming public pensions as a means to aid economic growth.

The list cited the success of North American competition Major League Baseball, which has almost doubled from 16 to 30 teams since the 1960s. Developmental league targeted by NFL official. NFL director of football operations Troy Vincent has said he is keen to establish a developmental competition that would put the American football league on a level footing with its major league rivals. At development level, the NFL does not have a counterpart to the National Basketball Association’s D-League, along with Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League’s minor league systems. Vincent has suggested a spring league, outside of the NFL’s traditional season, could provide the answer.

The last NFL attempt at a developmental league, NFL Europe, folded in 2007. Trois nouvelles équipes canadiennes dans la LNH? Sans surprise, l'organisme identifie les villes de Québec et de Hamilton qui satisfont aux «conditions minimales» en ce qui a trait à la densité de population, au revenu moyen de ses habitants ainsi qu'à la présence de sièges sociaux. L'étude du Conference Board, qui fait partie de son livre intitulé Power Play, croit que la grande région de Toronto pourrait accueillir une deuxième équipe de la LNH d'ici 2035, mais prévient que l'éventuel propriétaire devra délier les cordons de la bourse.

Malgré leur viabilité, Québec et Hamilton devront compter sur des propriétaires «dévoués», précise l'organisme, qui reconnaît que ces deux petits marchés seraient plus vulnérables si le dollar canadien devait continuer à reculer par rapport à la devise américaine. Quant à la région torontoise, le Conference Board croit que la population devrait passer de 6,8 millions à 10,5 millions d'ici 2035, ce qui rend réaliste le projet d'une deuxième équipe du circuit Bettman. To Ensure Future Fans, Anaheim Ducks Grow Hockey Players. Photo. $765m NFL concussion deal rejected by judge over fear sum is insufficient. NFL teams sidestep risk of playoff blackouts. NFL American football teams the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals avoided local television blackouts of their weekend play-off games after businesses stepped in to purchase remaining blocks of tickets to ensure stadia were sold out. Television Revenue Fuels a Construction Boom in the Pac-12.

NFL and MLB team up to support rights-holders’ Aereo battle. If You Like a Star Athlete, Now You Can Buy a Share. Foot US - NFL - Les Redskins vont-ils changer de nom ? M.L.S. Tries to Mute Fans’ Vulgar Chants. Going to the Game, to Watch Them All on TV. NBA opens up to jersey sponsorship. The Real Advantage of the Packers' Community Ownership. (Hint: It's Not Money) To Attract Potential Investors, Mets Add Perks to the Deal. Calling Foul on N.B.A.'s Claims of Financial Distress. Publicly-owned Packers announce new stock sale. Taking aim at the lies and damned lies in sports with stories written by the numbers. Predictions 2012 - NBA Attendance Takes A Hit: Rovell.