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Adult Hub. Neurophysiology of the Chakras in Kundalini Tantra. Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World. All of the meditations on this page are taken from our book ‘Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World’.

Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

The book contains the complete 8 week mindfulness course developed at Oxford University. The sound files can take 10-20 seconds before they begin to play. Sounds True Email Newsletter - Thanks. Translation Of Various Upanishads. ZEN. Teachings. How To Raise Your Vibration. Free Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Spiritual GrowthExplore Meditation. Drop of Dhamma Delight! Zen Stories.

Mindfulness Bell. Podcast Episode: Buddhist Geeks: Enlightened Teachers (Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Geeky. The Fountain of Life » The Fountain of Life. Nonduality, Enlightenment, Awareness, Awakening, and the search for Oneness. The Encyclopedia of Truth. It is important to understand the nature of truth.

The Encyclopedia of Truth

The New Human Race that Cannot Get Sick - New Earth Daily. Show me the suffering of the most miserable; So I will know my people's plight. Temple Illuminatus. Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio. Free Spiritual Books » Perennial wisdom for nothingFree Spiritual Books » Perennial wisdom for nothing. Self-Forgiveness and Making Amends. 02_1. Book Two, Part I—Buddha and His Vishad Yoga1.


Tao te ching @ Imhotep. Imhotep ~2900 BC Egyptian High Priest Wisdom of the Ancient Sages Architect, Healer, Astronomer, High Priest An Introduction to Imhotep Ancient Egypt is a fascinating world that remains mysterious in history and religion.


When reflecting on Egyptian genius nothing stands out more than Imhotep and his evidence of mathematical brilliance, artistic balance and thought and not to forget modern medical achievement. Egypt's First Step Pyramid: How to meditate: Distraction in meditation doesn't matter. Meditation is about getting used to being in the state of non-distraction.

How to meditate: Distraction in meditation doesn't matter

Or, and this is even better, mediation is about not being distracted by your distractions! When you begin the practice of meditation, you may become pretty disheartened to learn that your mind is everywhere else but on your meditation. Even after years of practicing meditation, there are times when instead of meditating, I find myself caught up in a sea of emotions and thoughts, unable to do anything but try desperately to ride the waves and not get swept away. What is most wonderful about this whole process is that even when you find yourself getting swept away and coming back to your meditation after what seems like hours, you can use that “coming back” as your meditation practice. That is, the practice of meditation means getting used to practicing even as your thoughts and emotions arise and you find yourself getting distracted. Meditation Isn’t About Trying to Block or Prevent Thoughts from Arising. Buddhism and the God-idea.

Do Buddhists believe in a god?

Buddhism and the God-idea

No, we do not. There are several reasons for this. The Buddha, like modern sociologists and psychologists, believed that religious ideas and especially the god idea have their origins in fear. Find quotes about anything and everything. The Spirit of Gift. A gift.

The Spirit of Gift

It is a simple gesture of care. Like an open palm, it is an invitation to connect—an emblem of support, respect, or well wishes for someone else. But can it be more than that? Can gifts restructure our monetary system? What does it mean to live in a gift-economy? On last Saturday's Forest Call, we got to hear Charles Eisenstein share insights, visions, and stories from his own personal journey with a gift-economy. Text Reading 8/12/12. Energy Opening and activation by shamanmedicinewoman. Misconceptions between Universal Laws and Karma - A Personal Perspective. As things cycle in life, questions begin to repeat themselves in bunches.

Misconceptions between Universal Laws and Karma - A Personal Perspective

This is an excerpt of another article I wrote many moons ago. It is my hope it answers a number of the recent email questions received. It is interesting to hear perspectives of the Universal Laws of Attraction and Karma. Many seem to have the perspective or the confusion that they are in fact the same Universal Laws. Understanding the Meditation Process. Arun GoelWaking Times Meditation can be described as a continued, unbroken awareness of the mind in its raw state.

Understanding the Meditation Process

It involves the overcoming of distractions and dissipated energies into a blissful awareness. Let us look at it this way – at any point of time we are consumed with countless thoughts and emotional baggage at the conscious and subconscious level. This prevents us from experiences true, uninhibited bliss.

Zen Koans - Do Nothing for 2 Minutes. Audio Dharma - Welcome to Audio Dharma. BuddhaNet - Worldwide Buddhist Information and Education Network. Light Age Masters. From an infinite ocean of Light emerged an ocean of Consciousness.

Light Age Masters

Out of Consciousness, three huge fields of energies emerged: the energy field of Creation, the energy field of Life and the energy field of Destruction. Each field had a core, a personality, a God. The three Gods in turn created worlds, deities and persons to carry on their activities. The Creator God, further extended his field and created galaxies, suns and earths. Tinnitus Masker - sonic designs by Jon Dattorro for relief of ringing ears - mp3 downloads (download sound sounds tinnitus maskers Tinnitus Masking treatment help ear help hearing sound therapy) Masking Tinnitus iTunes iPod Mask Tinnitus Masker Tinnitus H. On this page you will find soothing sounds to help you cope with ringing in the ears, called . When the cochlea is damaged, the brain perceives a signal at the frequency corresponding to a damaged cilium.

The Complete Sūtra of Golden Light. The Simple Tao (Simple Taoism) Free buddhist audio : free mp3s and texts on buddhism, meditation and the arts. Table of Contents. Free Hypnosis Videos & Hypnosis MP3's. Tibet Eye Chart. Tibetan Eye Chart Give your body and your EYES the nutrition they need! For generations the people of Tibet have used natural methods to correct visual weakness and improve their eyesight.

Chief among the methods employed has been the use of certain exercises which have proved useful over long periods of time. The figure on this chart was designed by Tibetan Lama Monks to give the necessary corrective exercises and stimulation to the muscles and nerves of the optical system. The eye Muscles focus similar to a camera shutter. Mind & Spirit Vaults. Eclectic Energies: Chakra test, I Ching, Mudras, Acupressure, Exercises, Articles.