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The first Santa. In this holiday season, I received a cri de coeur from the mother of a young boy named James: James just found out that his parents stuff his stockings each year instead of Santa Claus.

The first Santa

He is crestfallen. I asked him if he remembered a story you told him about a real live, animal-loving "Santa" that lived long ago, and he did, but neither of us could conjure enough details to make a suitable retelling. Dreaming in the Indigenous Mind, Part 1 of 2. ACTIVATING YOUR PINEAL PORTAL. From: We welcome you to [your] journey through the Arcturian Corridor.


Since you re-entered our Corridor, we have been educating you about the many inter-dimensional portals found on the body of Gaia. We wish now to educate you about the inter-dimensional portal in your own physical body, your pineal gland. Chapter 15 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Healing the Shadow" By Sabrina Reber. Our shadow is everything we think we aren’t.

Chapter 15 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Healing the Shadow" By Sabrina Reber

It is an accumulation of our stored darkness that we refuse to look at and accept. It is everything we reject and hate within our own being such as our own anger, jealousy, fear, shame, lies, ignorance, intolerance, bitterness and re-activeness. Our shadow holds everything we think is “bad” and since we only want to accept our “good” qualities….all of our deepest darkest secrets get pushed to the background (stored in our energy fields) creating our shadow.

Whatever we feel is not acceptable to reveal to our family, friends, society and ourselves is hidden within our shadow. ACTIVATING YOUR PINEAL PORTAL. Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker - Transcending Duality. No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides. This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker - Transcending Duality. Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.: 10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases. It is a jungle out there, and it is no less true about spiritual life than any other aspect of life.

Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.: 10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases

Do we really think that just because someone has been meditating for five years, or doing 10 years of yoga practice, that they will be any less neurotic than the next person? At best, perhaps they will be a little bit more aware of it. A little bit. It is for this reason that I spent the last 15 years of my life researching and writing books on cultivating discernment on the spiritual path in all the gritty areas—power, sex, enlightenment, gurus, scandals, psychology, neurosis — as well as earnest, but just plain confused and unconscious, motivations on the path. My partner (author and teacher Marc Gafni) and I are developing a new series of books, courses and practices to bring further clarification to these issues. Several years ago, I spent a summer living and working in South Africa. SPIRITUAL SEX. Here is your chance to spiritualize your sex life or to make your spiritual life more sexy by Walter Last Sexuality is closely related to spirituality in several ways.


In its negative aspects of lust, sexual excess, degradation and rape, it appears as the antithesis of spirituality, and in this light it has been seen in the Christian tradition. However, in its positive aspects our sexuality can open our heart to love, and enable us to have experiences similar to meditative states and mystical bliss during or instead of an orgasm and its afterglow. In a less obvious way, sexual energies can be channeled upward to develop our energy centers or chakra system and higher energy bodies. The Messages « Messages from Mother (TM) Hello, My Beautiful World of Two-leggeds with Access to the Internet!

The Messages « Messages from Mother (TM)

Message 1 – Please love your Mother. That’s me, Earth Mother Message 2 – About the Environment, ah … Me Message 3 – I’m Not Happy, But I’m Not Dying. Message 4 – About Dying & Living. Messages from Mother (TM) For all events led by Mare, click here.

Messages from Mother (TM)

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. Home - Patricia Monaghan. New Earth Physiology – Activating the Vagus Nerve. The White Light Myth - Thrive Meditation. Filling up with white light is the last thing you want to do to protect yourself or your aura.

The White Light Myth - Thrive Meditation

The problem is that white resonates with what psychics call "unconscious energy," i.e., energy that makes you go unconscious. So if you have lots of white in your upper chakras then what happens is all kinds of spirits can plug into you and toy with you. There is a name for people that do this professionally: transmediums/channelers. They use white to help them leave their bodies so that another spirit may enter.

To really protect yourself energetically, you want to actually be in your body, rather than out of it. So unless you want to be an open channel for every being on the block, it would be a good idea to avoid surrounding yourself with white. The real problem with "white light" is that people tend to conceptualize or visualize it as a blank piece of paper, or glue - because that is white - right? Go ahead and play around with gold or clear light in your meditations. Plant/Human Symbiosis & the Fall of Humanity: A Talk with Tony Wright. “I believe that the lost secret of human emergence . . . the undefined catalyst that took a very bright monkey and turned that species into a self-reflecting dreamer . . . that catalyst has to be sought in these alkaloids in the food chain that were catalyzing higher states of intellectual activity.” --Terence McKenna Tony Wright and Graham Gynn are authors of Left In The Dark--the book that presents Tony’s research outlining a radical re-interpretation of the current data regarding human evolution and, they contend, our recent degenerated state we call “civilization”.

Plant/Human Symbiosis & the Fall of Humanity: A Talk with Tony Wright

You can read the book for free here. Despite such a young and extreme proposal positive reactions are growing and include such minds as Dennis McKenna, Stanislav Grof, Colin Groves, Michael Winkelman and many others. THE FLOWER SOLDIERS. The Flower Soldiers were women and men of great knowledge and power who dedicated themselves to the sacred feminine path. The women and men of knowledge were also known as Zero Chiefs – they predated the Mayans by hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Hye Sook Hwang - Returning Home with Mago, the Great Goddess, from East Asia. Hye Sook Hwang I come from Korea. When I say I came from Korea, I do not mean “Korea” in a nationalistic sense.

Nationalism, reinforced by international politics as a cardinal rule of the global community, precludes the agency of women; it is a game of the patriarchal controllers. When I say I am Korean, I mean I am a Magoist Korean, a gynocentric Korean. My Korean identity refers to my cultural and historical root. ‘Archetype or Patriarchetype? A Brief History of the Symbolic Meanings of Thorn Trees’ part 2 by Kelly A. Greer. Children of Eve, Abraham, or Acacia? The stories of Abraham offer yet another clue regarding the symbolic meaning of thorn trees. Charlyflower.wix. One of the myriad spin-offs of having lost the matriarchal world is that men and women have become hypnotized by their own physical image.

Charlyflower.wix. Women have such an advantage when it comes to tapping into “inner states”. Women can beat a path within to feelings, dreams, visions, and inner promptings, openly – men can do this too if they can get past their masculine programming and open to Goddess. The True Gospel of Lillith. Hearth Moon Rising's blog. Cybele, Rome 50 Marshall Astor This week’s goddess is Cybele (pronounced kye-bell), whose sacred tree is the pine. Cybele is the earth mother goddess of what is now western Turkey, who had a popular and longstanding cult that eventually spread to Rome. Inspiration University - Breathe. Awaken 3rd Eye =BLISS Ez/learn by Wrenn. The Warrior Sage. Ayahuasca / Plant Medicines.

BDO Ritual in Paralympics Closing Ceremony. Click the photo to view a short (5 mins) video of the Druid speeches and other beautiful highlights of the closing ceremony. Shaman Darpan on Nirburu, & a Sudden Global DMT Release. 不动心! 这是宇宙最高的智慧之一!The trap of millions of years has trapped sentient beings for too long time. Messages from Osifu Energy and Mind March 26th, 2012.