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Interview – Peter Brinkmann & libpd. The HISS Homepage. Lion roar sound effect. Obiwannabe.

Lion roar sound effect

How to Integrate Wwise into Unity. Hey there folks.

How to Integrate Wwise into Unity

I’ve decided it would probably be a great idea to start doing more hands-on stuff with both Wwise and Unity. Gameaudio - Procedural Audio (in Game Sound Design)? - General Discussion. Hi, AudioGaming developer here (which by the way is French, so please forgive my poor english skills) !

gameaudio - Procedural Audio (in Game Sound Design)? - General Discussion

PA has been an ignored tool for a very long time, and because of that we sometimes have to struggle a bit against long-established habits, creation pipelines and existing content. A Quick Introduction to SuperCollider. Virtual Racing Fuels Aging Brains—5 Video Game Surprises. Hiding a Lavalier Mic. Today's lapel or "lav" mics are small and unobtrusive, but sometimes, you still need to hide one.

Hiding a Lavalier Mic

Types of Interference. Interference is at least an occasional problem with most types of radio equipment, including wireless microphones.

Types of Interference

The effects of interference range from being a minor annoyance to making the wireless system completely unusable. Serious interference is not as common as is sometimes assumed, especially when some simple precautions are taken. Going Deaf, Sound Expert Races to Finish His Life's Work. INDIANOLA, WASHINGTON — In a busy world filled with the sounds of traffic, airplanes, construction equipment and crowds, noise pollution has emerged as a leading environmental nuisance.

Going Deaf, Sound Expert Races to Finish His Life's Work

However, quiet places remain...if you know where to look. Eight years ago, audio engineer Gordon Hempton identified the quietest place in the continental United States, a place he calls the "One Square Inch of Silence. " The Kyma Blog. Portugal: The rise and fall of a video game industry. Even though the video game industry is rapidly shifting away from physical goods and expanding into digital realms that know no boundaries, the game industry still doesn't exist everywhere.

Portugal: The rise and fall of a video game industry

Take Portugal, for example. The game industry in the Western European country is still in its infancy. But rather than expanding as more game developers sprout up, Portugal's game scene appears to be just as invisible as it ever was. There's a bigger picture here, though: The Portuguese game industry was becoming a force to be reckoned with up until a few years ago when it started crumbling.

Creating Bone Chilling Video Game Monster Sounds. Lost Chocolate Blog: Footsteps – Informal Game Sound Study. THE STOCK MARKET Lately, I've been taking stock.

Lost Chocolate Blog: Footsteps – Informal Game Sound Study

Not the usual “What have I done with my life?” Or “Where is everything headed?” (although those questions perpetually tumble around my brain stem on a regular basis); I somehow found myself obsessed with the minute details of movement sound and system design. Assassin’s Creed : 21st Century Sound for the World of the Crusades. Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Blair Jackson.

Assassin’s Creed : 21st Century Sound for the World of the Crusades

Walter Murch - the search for order in Sound & Pciture. Walter Murch The Search for Order in Sound & Picture by Tom Kenny When Walter Murch walked to the stage of the Shrine Auditorium in March 1997 and accepted his second Oscar of the evening for The English Patient, most of the billion people watching, even the ardent film fans, probably asked themselves, "Who is this man, and why haven't I heard of him before?

Walter Murch - the search for order in Sound & Pciture

" The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound - David Lewis Yewdall - Google Books. Post Haste Sound. Measures (approx.) 20′ w x 26′ l x 13′ h Our Foley stage contains twelve various pits and surfaces, including a three foot deep water pit, thousands of props, and the talent to create any sound you can possibly imagine. Our Foley stage can accommodate everything from fully filling music and effects tracks for foreign delivery requirements, to sound design and creative sound effect recording. This stage has a large control room for supervisors, clients and mixer. We also have spacious storage areas for props, cloth, dishware and miscellaneous objects. Our Foley stage is one of the most sought after spaces for creating truly unique and original sounds because of it’s widely customizable recording environment.

Features: Projects that have mixed on our Foley Stage include: Control Room. Post Production - The Foley Stage. Foley Stage entrance - Universal Studios Hollywood, 2010 The Foley Stage is used to record sounds that directly relate to actor moves, and have to synchronise exactly with action (e.g. footsteps, fight sounds, falls etc.) The art of Foley is named after Universal sound technician Jack Foley who, in the very first days of sound at Universal, showed a real talent for creating sounds to be added to Universal's early movies as they were hastily re-made to add sound where none was originally recorded. Foley Stage - Foley Stage I Foley artist. Assassin's Creed II - Footstep Study. Speaker calibration for Film and TV Sound Mixing. How movie sound effects are made. Diy plate reverb. This was the easiest of all my machines to make. It took about a week. It is basically a sheet of 0.5mm x 1m x 2m stainless steel stretched as tightly as possible, with 1 drive coil and 2 pickups for stereo.

The hardest part about making a plate reverb is finding a sheet of steel that is thin enough and big enough. Jean-Edouard Miclot. This is the very first post of my blog and as an introduction, I’d like to share the sound of my demo reel that you can watch at Type”kyma” for the password. Everything started when I received a software called Kyma from Symbolic Sound.

As I was reading Kyma X Revealed! By Carla Scaletti, I discovered many different ways to manipulate and process a sound that I never heard before. It took me over 6 months to dig into every aspect of the “prototypes” (the leaves of the big tree). Then I could build more complex patches (the branches of the tree) depending on my needs and write little scripts in kyma language to control my sounds algorithmically. Man Of Steel Soundtrack : Sculptural Percussion. How 'The Last Of Us' Sound Design Outshines Gameplay. Finding Your Way With High Dynamic Range Audio In Wwise. Generating Complexity in Max. Game Music Connect. The Sound Architect had the privilege of attending the very first Game Music Connect at the Soutbank Centre in London on Monday. Game Music Connect was founded by renowned composers John Broomhall and James Hannigan to share the work and expertise of esteemed video-game composers and audio directors who have worked on some of the biggest recent AAA titles.

Guest speakers of the event included the following: John Broomhall, Composer & Co-founder: X-COM series, Transport Tycoon, A Christmas Carol James Hannigan, Composer & Co-founder: Transformers: Universe, RuneScape 3, Dead Space 3, Harry Potter. Kill Screen: Episode 5 The Immersive Sound Design Of Dead Space 3. When it comes to being scared witless while playing a survival horror game, it’s not always about what you can see—the audio plays just as effective a role in racking up the tension as you creep around trying to lay waste to unseen nasties. In episode five of our Kill Screen series Jamin Warren heads to California to speak to the team at Visceral Games, the team behind the audio for Dead Space 3.