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Soils, Compost, Terra Preta and Biochar. Trees... 50 Most Beautiful Tree Photos. Trees are one of the most important life forms on our planet, as they provide oxygen for the rest of the organisms on Earth through a process called photosynthesis. Although trees come in many varieties, depending on the ecosystem, including pine trees, oak, cedar, redwood, palm trees and more, they all share similar characteristics and are great subjects for photography. Here, you’ll find 50 most beautiful tree photos from the best photographers in the world. Whether it’s a single tree illuminated by a fading sun, or a dense jungle or forest shrouded in mist, these photographs are all incredible in their beauty. So, enjoy the tree photography! If you need more photography inspiration, check out these other posts: K&M Growth Solutions. Making Your Own Fertilizer: Free Fertilizer Recipes. Most gardeners are the do-it-yourself types.

Making Your Own Fertilizer: Free Fertilizer Recipes

The very act of gardening is do-it-yourself in nature. So why are you still buying fertilizer? Sure it works wonders, but it’s expensive, the packaging is wasteful and the way it’s produced is often not sustainable. How to Bring Minerals Back Into the Soil and Food Supply. Dr.

How to Bring Minerals Back Into the Soil and Food Supply

MercolaWaking Times There are now many studies clearly documenting that if you eat processed foods, you’re being exposed to toxic herbicides. These toxic chemicals have been found in everything from breast milk to umbilical cords and placentas. This of course means that children are now born with a chemical burden unknown to previous generations. What are some of the relatively unknown consequences of this exposure? In this interview, Dr. One Weird Trick to Fix Farms Forever. Photos by Tristan Spinski Chatting with David Brandt outside his barn on a sunny June morning, I wonder if he doesn't look too much like a farmer—what a casting director might call "too on the nose.

One Weird Trick to Fix Farms Forever

" He's a beefy man in bib overalls, a plaid shirt, and well-worn boots, with short, gray-streaked hair peeking out from a trucker hat over a round, unlined face ruddy from the sun. Brandt farms 1,200 acres in the central Ohio village of Carroll, pop. 524. Beneficial Indigenous Organisms (BIM) - Effective Microorganisms (EM) From Gil A.

Beneficial Indigenous Organisms (BIM) - Effective Microorganisms (EM)

Carandang ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lacto Bacilli One of the major workhorse beneficial indigenous microorganism used in natural farming is lacto bacilli. This particular beneficial microorganism is popularly used in composting that specifically arrest foul odors associated with anaerobic decomposition.

Lactic acid bacteria thrive and feed on the ammonia released in the decomposition normally associated with foul odors. Spraying diluted solution of lactic acid bacteria serum to the plant and soil helps plant growth and makes them more healthy. Lactic acid bacteria is also known to produce enzymes and natural antibiotics aiding effective digestion and has antibacterial properties, including control of salmonella and e. coli.


Green Mountain Technologies. TEDxTokyo - Yuichi Mori - Soil-free Agriculture - [English] Soil analyses. Soil Management. Cation exchange The ‘soil cations’ essential for plant growth include ammonium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Soil Management

There are three additional ‘soil cations,’ which are not essential plant elements but affect soil pH. The additional ‘soil cations’ include sodium, aluminum and hydrogen. Soil cations that are essential to plant growth Ammonium Calcium Magnesium Potassium Soil cations that affect soil pH Sodium Aluminum Hydrogen The major distinguishing characteristic of cations is their positive charge. The ‘soil cations’ are further divided into two categories. Base Cations Ammonium Calcium Magnesium Potassium Sodium* * Unlike the other base cations, sodium is not an essential element for all plants. Acid Cations Aluminum Hydrogen The words ‘base’ and ‘acid’ refer to the particular cation’s influence on soil pH.

Homemade pH Indicator – DIY Experiments. Abstract Make your own homemade pH indicator!

Homemade pH Indicator – DIY Experiments

Red cabbage juice contains a pH indicator that exhibits a wide range of colours according to the acidity of the solution. This experimental contains in-depth scientific explanation of why certain compounds are coloured and how the colour change occurs. FertilizerChartweb2012. A Better Way to Fertilize Your Garden: Homemade Organic Fertilizer - Organic Gardening. Because my garden supplies about half of my family's yearly food intake, I do all I can to maximize my vegetables' nutritional quality.

A Better Way to Fertilize Your Garden: Homemade Organic Fertilizer - Organic Gardening

Based on considerable research and more than 30 years of vegetable growing, I have formulated a homemade garden fertilizer mix that works great in most food gardens. Beneficial Indigenous Organisms (BIM) - Effective Microorganisms (EM) Lacto Bacilli (Gil A. Carandang’s article) « Paper Bokashi. Alternative Soil Amendments. Institutional Worm Bin for Instutional Vermicomposting. Production Methods. While none of the techniques listed below approach industrial scale, they are illustrative and engaging ways to make small amounts of charcoal for experimentation.

Production Methods

In developing world scenarios, biochar will most likely be made in small amounts using simple techniques like these. Over time, vast areas of soil can be regenerated in places of the world where it is needed the most to ensure food security. Balancing Soil Using Organic Minerals. Soil Fertility Fertile soil is a mixture of well-balanced minerals, high organic matter, humus, humic, fulvic and carbonic acids, good aeration and bountiful soil life.

Balancing Soil Using Organic Minerals

The biology or life in the soil is at its healthiest when the nutrients are plentiful and balanced, and there is sufficient oxygen and water.