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Konkreet, OSCulator, TouchOSC & other MIDI Tools

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Nick Fox-Gieg’s Tutorials » Inter-application MIDI. Inter-application MIDI OS X has a neat built-in feature that lets two MIDI programs on the same machine talk to each other, making all kinds of interesting projects possible.

Nick Fox-Gieg’s Tutorials » Inter-application MIDI

It’s called the IAC Driver. OSC to MIDI converter for Konkreet Performer. v1.1.2 [ 2011 05 04 ] Screenshot : Files : Notes : - the MIDI CC for the different nodes evolve by tenth: if the "x" attribute for the node #1 is CC4, it will be CC14 for node #2 and CC24 for node #3 and so on... - the MIDI Note for the different nodes is a simple increment: so if the note for node #1 is "C4", it will be "C#4" for node #2 and "D4" for node #3 and so on...

OSC to MIDI converter for Konkreet Performer