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My Photography Tutorials - 360 Degree Reverse Photography - Gallery. Margaret Thatcher Thinks Sarah Palin Is Nuts, Will Never Meet Her: Pics, Videos, Links, News. 10 cents a minute. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list. POPULAR RELIGIONS REFERENCE MANUAL by Tim Saccardo - Artist:... Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes & Some Callers Are... The Price family - Dad plays best prank ever on teenage son on Shine. Rain Price will never forget the first day of his sophomore year of high school.

The Price family - Dad plays best prank ever on teenage son on Shine

On the , packed with classmates from his suburban Utah school, Rain peered out the window, mortified. "The school bus for the first time ever came down our street this year," explains Rain's dad, Dale, to Utah's Daily Herald. "This was [my son's] first year on the bus. My wife came running in the room and suggested we go wave at him to embarrass him. " And so began Dale's hazing ritual that continued every day for the rest of his son's school year.

Over time, Rain's most humbling moment became his most anticipated. The father of three, a stay-at-home dad, raided the family's Halloween costume collection, borrowed outfits from neighbors, and managed to spend under $50 over the year to make his son's bus ride the highlight of the day. Soon Rain's friends weren't the only ones anticipating Dale's morning ritual. With expectations high, Dale developed a system.

Related:Are teenagers too concerned with fashion? Wave At The Bus. The 7 Most Bizarrely Unlucky People Who Ever Lived. We're not saying these are the unluckiest people in history; we realize the world is full of starving children and cancer victims.

The 7 Most Bizarrely Unlucky People Who Ever Lived

But sometimes you see people who have weird, one-in-a-million instances of bad luck, often over and over again, and you can't help but wonder if they didn't piss off a Gypsy at some point. Murphy's Law. Top 10 Hilarious Websites Of Human Misery. It’s seems like people have always been hardwired to laugh at the misfortune of others.

Top 10 Hilarious Websites Of Human Misery

It transcends all cultures, nations, and ages. As you read these words, a group of school kids in Hong Kong are peeing their pants laughing at a kid who did a faceplant into a mud puddle, somebody in Paris is guffawing at a guy getting a whifflebat to the crotch, and a grandma in Texas is chuckling under her breath at a cousin who doesn’t know his fly is undone. As long as it isn’t happening to you, personal humiliation can be totally hilarious. Before the Internet, the only way to experience these hilarious events was to be in the right place at the right to time. But, now there is a whole slew of websites that document the hurts, humiliations, and downright stupidity of the human race and present it in an easily navigated format. 10.

The biggest retail chain in the world, WalMart offers its customers a wide variety of consumer goods at reasonable prices in convenient locations. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. Disney planned William and Kate’s wedding! Of all the horrible conspiracies in the world, this has got to be one of the most bizarre!

Disney planned William and Kate’s wedding!

;-) It's a Conspiracy! OK, the Disney photo’s were Photoshopped but it’s still pretty funny! My wife says she thought of the ugly step sisters when these girls stepped out with Aliens on their heads! Here are the original Disney illustrations. Cinderella Stepsisters. But it was a funny idea! Like this: Like Loading... Top 10 Hilarious Websites Of Human Misery. You'll laugh your ass off. (I did.) I looked up my old post about LASIK surgery recently so I could give the link to a friend who’s considering the procedure.

You'll laugh your ass off. (I did.)

I’m not sure what word best describes the feeling I get when reading old posts, but it’s similar to the feeling I get when looking at old yearbook photos. It’s some combination of surprised/awkward/insightful/nostalgic. Surprawkinosalgic?