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Didn't realise this was a competition to see how many hits or visits people could get, to be honest I don't think anyone really cares about hits (I mean legitimate users not the users who are really a small business) I think this web site should be used for saving your bookmarks and links plus to chat and share with like minded people... not to make money off the backs of others trying to make a quick buck. Just my opinion I think its wrong to reduce people to numbers its so demoralising. – sutt2m
Put name in front like this maybe: @pranil then your message. Soz if im wrong – sutt2m
??? Dun What chat box??? – sutt2m
What do you want a gold – sutt2m
Thats cool sophie thats what its all about a place on the cloud for your bookmarks plus there's this social aspect...! – sutt2m
Yeah man full of wierdows... a bit like that bookmarking and micro blogging site called, oh what was it.... thats right Pearltrees... Ha ha – sutt2m
Lol... Sorry was having a bad day !!! but really good idea if could be done...As translation is time consuming and most people miss out ! – sutt2m
Always do !!! But could save the trouble if its done for me !!! bout time the french don smtn ha ha Joke...! – sutt2m
I wouldn't go that far but we all are entitled to an opinion, I think FB's success has built resentment in some people plus both sites have employed very different strategies to attract users and can't really be compared. Pearltrees just needs time which FB has had! Quality marketing and promotion are key as the overall idea is more than sound if you ask me and capable of success. (At least I hope so!) – sutt2m
Tell us why you like Facebook and how Pearltrees helps you around the web ? – sutt2m

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21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

This is the great hope for many businesses. However, fans do not magically appear from the Facebook mist. People must be lured to your fan page. And there are some good and bad ways to go about doing this. In this article, I’ll share a big myth and 21 ways to drive more fans to your Facebook fan page. The Big Myth There’s a great myth that once you create a Facebook fan page for your business, the first thing you should do to get fans is invite ALL your friends from your personal profile using the “Suggest to Friends” feature. Unfortunately, this strategy may not be that effective and can, in fact, often backfire. There are several reasons not to use the Suggest to Friends feature: Get Your Twitter Ranking. Free Wordpress Themes and More at Fresheezy! No more FBML! Customize your Facebook Page. Red White Blue Twitter Background.

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