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Twitter Introduces Fabric, A Toolkit For Developers To Build Apps On Its Platform. At Twitter’s Flight conference this morning, Dick Costolo’s introduced Fabric, a set of APIs aimed at developers to encourage them to build apps and services on top of the Twitter platform.

Twitter Introduces Fabric, A Toolkit For Developers To Build Apps On Its Platform

In the build up to introducing the new APIs, Costolo said that Twitter “wanted to approach this not from the perspective of what would be best for Twitter, but what would help [developers] be most productive.” Fabric is built upon Twitter’s social platform, but also ties in features from Twitter acquiree Crashlytics’s crash reporting software and fellow acquiree MoPub’s social targeting. But it’s not *just* about making apps that let you sign in with Twitter so they can shove ads in your users’ face.

Xbox One Update Brings Deep Twitter Integration. Members of Microsoft’s Xbox One preview program are getting access to a bevy of new features this week, including deeper Twitter integration and more customization options.

Xbox One Update Brings Deep Twitter Integration

As Microsoft notes, you will now be able to link your Xbox Live acccount with Twitter, and tweet your favorite game clips to your followers using the Share button next to any clip you’ve created. Plus, new live TV and Twitter integration unlocks the ability to see what shows are trending based on Twitter chatter, and you’ll also be able to view tweets for programs in real-time within the MiniGuide. You will also be able to tailor the background for each account on the console – this could be color or achievement art – and is what Microsoft refers to as the most fan-requested feature. Four Alternatives to Like-Gating on Facebook. What tactics are you using to grow your Facebook Page?

Four Alternatives to Like-Gating on Facebook

Is like-gating a key part of your Facebook marketing? Facebook announced they’ll ban like-gating in November. An end to like-gating doesn’t have to be the end of the world–or your Facebook marketing. In this article I’ll share four tactics marketers can use in place of like-gating to sustain audience growth and engagement on Facebook. Find 4 ways to market on Facebook without like-gating. Twitter Invests $10M in MIT Laboratory for Social Machines. Twitter's Tweet Activity Dashboard Is Coming to All Users. Twitter Launches Promoted Video Ads in Beta.

Twitter today introduced Promoted Video ads in beta.

Twitter Launches Promoted Video Ads in Beta

The company is offering advertisers a new Cost Per View (CPV) ad buying model, which means they only get charged when a user starts playing the video ad in question. The beta launch expands on the company’s Twitter Amplify program, giving brands a new set of video tools for uploading and distributing video on Twitter. They can also measure the reach and effectiveness of their content with new video analytics, including completion percentage and a breakout of organic versus paid video views. Promoted Video ads follows the Twitter Video Card tests the company started experimenting with earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, Twitter found that tweets containing native Twitter video generate better engagement and more views. Embedded Tweets Now Visibile on Twitter’s iOS and Android mobile apps began to embed tweets that have been linked in a tweet last month, and now the feature (which prompts us to make Inception-related jokes) has rolled out to

Embedded Tweets Now Visibile on

Embedding tweets is easy to do, just write your message and then include a link to the tweet that you wish to embed. There’s no feature that automates the process at this point. New Twitter Acquisition Increases Focus on Photos. Mashable. Tessa Wegert | July 24, 2014 | 0 Comments inShare11 A look at a selection of brands that are embracing the new capabilities of Twitter and using the platform to its full marketing potential, along with tips for ways you as a marketer can do the same for your own business.


Twitter users: have you noticed a trend? Why Facebook and Twitter Are Embracing Ecommerce. Likes and retweets are fine, but the new buzz word at Facebook and Twitter seems to be “buy.”

Why Facebook and Twitter Are Embracing Ecommerce

Facebook announced on Thursday that it has begun testing a Buy button that appears on ads and Page posts from a select group of businesses in the U.S. In effect, that means users can now purchase products advertised by these businesses without leaving the social network. Brazil-Chile Becomes Most Tweeted Sporting Event Ever. The FIFA World Cup has just reached the knockout stages.

Brazil-Chile Becomes Most Tweeted Sporting Event Ever

That increase in drama and tension has set a new record for Twitter, which just revealed that the Brazil vs Chile match became its most-tweeted real-time event ever. The 16.4 million tweets sent during the match — which tournament hosts Brazil narrowly won following a penalty shootout — make it the most tweeted game from the World Cup so far. The company says the moment that Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara missed the crucial penalty triggered 389,000 tweets per minute — that beats Superbowl 48 (382,000 tweets per minute) as the most tweeted sporting event to date. The data looks good for Twitter — which has long positioned itself as the home of real-time discussions and TV’s second screen — and its efforts to attract advertisers. It seems almost certain that these records will be broken again as the tournament progresses, but I suspect that it may take the World Cup final to do that, such was the drama and suspense of Brazil-Chile.

How to Make Twitter In-Stream Images Stand Out. Are you sharing pictures in your Twitter updates?

How to Make Twitter In-Stream Images Stand Out

Do you want to know how to make your pictures stand out on Twitter? Twitter’s in-stream preview images highlight your shared visual content, so make the most of them. In this article I’ll show you four ways to get your Twitter followers to pay attention to your pictures. #1: Prep Photos for Automatic Resizing. Brands GIF All Over Themselves on Twitter. Twitter Adds Animated GIF Support on Web, Android and iOS. Twitter Adds Animated GIF Support on Web, Android and iOS. How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Queries for Leads. Do you struggle to find leads on Twitter?

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Queries for Leads

Have you used Twitter advanced search queries? Twitter’s constant stream of updates makes it difficult to find the people and conversations you’re looking for. 8 Types of Twitter Cards Businesses Are Using. Do you know what a Twitter card is? Do you wonder which one is a fit for your business? Twitter cards enrich your tweets with additional content, media and calls to action.

In this article I’ll share eight types of Twitter cards, how to install them and their analytics options. #1: The Summary Card If your business has a blog or any page devoted solely to information, then you need the summary card. Mashable. In San Francisco, one Twitter account is watching over your bikes. Officer Matt Friedman of the San Francisco Police Department is behind the Anti-Bike Theft Unit, a program that utilizes Twitter and GPS trackers to thwart bike thefts in the city. The main tools in Friedman's utility belt: "bait bikes" fitted with GPS trackers and left chained up on the streets of San Francisco. The GPS-enabled bait lets Officer Friedman and the Anti-Bike Theft Unit track bike thefts in real-time — and ultimately nab the thief. After a bait bike is stolen, the Anti-Bike Theft Unit tracks down the thief, arrests them and then posts a picture of the thief to their Twitter account, @SFPDBikeTheft: Twitter Changes Fonts from Helvetica Neue to Gotham.

Report: Twitter Will Have Nearly 400 Million Users by 2018. Mashable. Twitter Introduces Mute Feature on Android, iPhone, and Web. Twitter today introduced a mute feature on its Android and iPhone apps, as well as As its name implies, the new option lets you silence other users on the service. If you want to mute someone from their profile page on Android, iOS, or Web, simply tap the gear icon on the page and choose “mute @username.” To do the same directly from a tweet, tap “more” and then “mute @username.” These options may take a while to show up, as they’re rolling out gradually, but you should see them soon enough. As Twitter explains it, mute gives you more control over the content you see on the service by letting you remove some of it. Mashable. Twitter Adds Language Targeting for Promoted Tweets, Accounts. Twitter today launched language targeting for promoted tweets and promoted accounts. As a result, advertisers can now target both in 20 different languages while users will be able to see “highly relevant ads” in their language.

Twitter says it uses “a number of different signals” to determine a user’s language, not just the language selected in their profile settings. The company also looks at the languages that correspond to their activity on Twitter, meaning a user can be targeted by multiple languages if Twitter decides that a user is multilingual. For advertisers, using the feature is a very straightforward two-step process: Mashable. Twitter is making good on its promise to surface new types of ads this year. On Friday Twitter announced Website Cards, a new ad-unit that highlights a small photo, a line of text, and a URL to an advertiser's webpage. Twitter believes this combo of an image and a call to action will help drive more traffic for advertisers than a simple image and URL pairing, the company wrote on its blog.

5 Tips to Optimize Your New Twitter Profile Layout. Mashable. Mashable. Twitter Rolls Out Real-Time Notifications on the Web. Twitter Acquires Android Lockscreen Startup Cover. Mashable. 5 Tips for Interacting with People You Admire on Twitter. Twitter Teams Up with Billboard to launch Real-Time Charts. Most Marketers Have Yet to Embrace Twitter Advertising [CHART] 1.2 Million Tweets Sent in Turkey, Despite Ban. One Million Kg Challenge launched to get S'poreans to keep fit. Amtrak Writer's Residency is a Dream Made True by Social Media. 6 Ways Twitter Chats Can Help You Connect With Your Audience. Twitter's User Growth Is Tapering Off Very Quickly. Twitter Chats, How to Create a Successful Tweet Chat. SocialRank Helps Find Brands' Best Twitter Follower. 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Twitter. Your Twitter Conversations Fall Into One of These Six Categories. VO5 and BRIT Awards: First UK Brands to Use Twitter Amplify. Twitter Testing Major Redesign That Looks a Lot Like Facebook.

Twitter Highlights the Top-Tweeted Olympic Photos From Sochi. Twitter Passes 241 Million Monthly Active Users. 'American Idol' Runner-Up Clay Aiken Tweets Bid for Congress. J.C. Penney Is Having a Little Too Much Fun at the Super Bowl. Twitter Account Helps Sports Noobs Sound Smart During Super Bowl. Katy Perry, Queen of Twitter, Is First to Hit 50 Million Followers. How Twitter Can Prevent a Massive User Exodus in Asia. gets new search filters for news, photos, and people you follow. How to Network with Influential People Using Twitter. Tweeting Pro Tips: 5 Types of Tweets to Keep Your Followers Engaged. Most Top Brands Still Don't Engage With Twitter Followers. Twitter Increases its Focus on Asia. Twitter's Redesigned Homepage Keeps Mobile in Mind. Twitter Launches Vine for the Web. Twitter Tests 'Recommended Accounts' Feature. Twitter to Launch Search and Download Tool for Your Old Tweets. MashTags: 25 Funniest #FailedTechBands.

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