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44 Must Read Resources on Content Marketing. The term “content marketing” sounds like a hip buzzword to describe the latest marketing craze, but in reality, the concept has been around since the first newsletters came rolling off the presses.

44 Must Read Resources on Content Marketing

And if there’s one single reason why companies around the world continue to incorporate “content marketing strategies” into their yearly plans – it’s because it has been working for hundreds, if not thousands of years! Let’s go over a short recap as to why content marketing is a good marketing strategy to employ for today’s online audience: Show You’re an Authority on a Subject – When you offer unbiased and valuable information on a given subject matter, you earn trust with people who visit your blog or website. Top 25 Social Monitoring Tools Worth Trying : Bloggie Talkie. 25 Best Social Media for Social Good Blogs. 5 Tips for Using Humor in Your Social Media Activities. Can you remember something funny?

5 Tips for Using Humor in Your Social Media Activities

Humor can go a long way with social media. Are you considering using humor with your social media activities? If so, this article reveals some tips to get you on the right track. 20 exemplos criativos de páginas 404. Infelizmente, nem sempre o internauta encontra o que quer quando visita o seu site.

20 exemplos criativos de páginas 404

Na verdade, é até mais comum do que se imagina que ele caia em alguma página de erro – a famosa 404: Página não encontrada. Mas nem por isso deve ser alvo de alguma atenção, na hora de desenvolver o site. Como nestes exemplos bem criativos reunidos pelo Macho Arts.


The Case for the Virtual Classroom. Online education is often dismissed as a pipeline for expensive degrees of little value and a sponge for veterans’ tuition payments.

The Case for the Virtual Classroom

But while it’s true that for-profit universities have made a hefty business out of e-learning, it’s becoming apparent that learning online can also benefit almost everyone else. “It’s very clear that five years from now, on the web, for free…you will be able to find the greatest lectures in the world on the web,” Bill Gates recently predicted in an interview at Techonomy 2010. Gates is not the only smart guy pulling for online education to extend the reach, affordability, and even quality of education. Here’s why the virtual classroom counts deans of prestigious universities, entrepreneurs, and people who want to change the world as its advocates. 1. This July, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's business school will enroll the first students of its online MBA program.

According to the U.S. 2.


LinkedIn. HOW TO: Implement a Social Good Campaign on Facebook. You want to do good, and you want to use Facebook.

HOW TO: Implement a Social Good Campaign on Facebook

Good choice. Facebook has a couple of things going for it. First off, there are a ton of people that use it — more than 500 million to be precise — so you've already set yourself up to hit the largest social network audience. More over, even people without Facebook accounts are used to visiting landing pages on the site for events and causes, which make the potential reach even larger. Second, Facebook is an informal place to launch serious things. HOW TO: Attract Early Adopters to Your Social Startup. Shane Snow is a technology journalist in New York City.

HOW TO: Attract Early Adopters to Your Social Startup

Follow him on Twitter at @shanesnow. One of the main challenges for social networks stems from a question ancient philosophers have debated for centuries: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In social media, the dilemma often takes the form of, "We need users for our network to be useful, but users won’t join the network unless it’s useful.

" HOW TO: Spread Your Business Footprint Around the Web. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

HOW TO: Spread Your Business Footprint Around the Web

The web, as we know, is a great place to market your business — but only if people can find you. Success in online marketing is contingent upon people being able to locate your web presence. One of the best ways to connect with current and potential customers via the web is to leave your footprint around the Internet and create a trail that leads back to your business. Leaving your business footprint across the web has a number of benefits, including driving traffic back to your site, building brand awareness, establishing trust and boosting your search engine rankings. There are an almost infinite number of places around the web where you can leave your footprint, but here are four rules for getting the most out of your efforts and attracting notice. 1.

Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized! Top 10 Social Media Presentations  HOW TO: Use Social Media to Create Better Customer Experiences. Maria Ogneva is the director of social media at Nimble, a social relationship management solution that transforms your entire community into business opportunity by leveraging the best of customer relationship management, social media and communication tools.

HOW TO: Use Social Media to Create Better Customer Experiences

You can follow her on Twitter at @themaria or @nimble, or find her musings on the company blog and her personal blog. It’s no secret that customer experience is one of the cornerstones of an effective business strategy. In all honesty, it should have been all along, but many companies chose to hide behind corporate walls and only talk to customers when it was convenient for them instead of when the customer needed them. 10 Online Strategies for Your Next Product Launch. Beverly Cornell is the marketing and social media director at Mango Languages, a provider of self-study language learning products that teach actual conversation skills and culture, now available in 28 different languages.

10 Online Strategies for Your Next Product Launch

Learn more at Long gone are the days when announcing a new product was simply a matter of putting together a news release, sending it off over the wire and counting on major news outlets to spread the word. Today, because consumers are able to get information from a variety of sources and platforms, a successful product launch requires an integrated approach; one that includes traditional, social and online marketing tools. Social Media for Small Businesses: 6 Effective Strategies. Nellie Akalp is CEO of, her second incorporation filing service based on her strong passion to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in starting and protecting their business.

Social Media for Small Businesses: 6 Effective Strategies

She has formed more than 100,000 corporations and LLCs across the U.S. To learn more about Nellie and see how she can help your business get off the ground quickly and affordably, please visit here. Many small business owners I encounter are either too busy for social media, or they don’t truly understand Facebook, Foursquare, or Twitter. So they choose to delegate these tools to interns or specialists. This may not always be in the best interest of the company. I’m not a social media expert. Over the past few years, I’ve made it a point to explore and understand the social web around me. 1. Social Media for Business. HOW TO: Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website. Open Data: Why the Crowd Can Be Your Best Analytics Tool. Sean Gorman is the president and founder of FortiusOne, which brings data and mapping solutions to the mass market through its location analysis software.

With FortiusOne’s GeoIQ platform, geo-enabled data is easily shared, visualized and analyzed for more collaborative and better-informed decisions. Should Companies Play it Safe in Social Media? What does that mean exactly, to play it safe? 85+ Resources: Educator Guide for Integrating Social Media. I hope this post will be a handy reference guide, especially for those teachers new to social media technologies and how to integrate them into the classroom. This resource is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good starting point for finding the information and people that will help you make the transition into a ’21st century learning environment’.

Us Intel Wikileaks. Everybody’s Doing It: How Marketers Are Utilizing Social Media In 2010. This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager. Here at Demandforce, we love seeing and celebrating your ideas! And more than that, we love to hear from YOU. Mashable.


5 Free and Easy Listening Tools for Social Media Monitoring. Blogging. The Different Ways We Can Keep Up With Evolving Technologies. Technologies evolve quicker than we can imagine. As soon as we think, we have mastered one web technology, a new better, expanded, and more flexible version or technology releases that switches the demand of the market to it, making you start learning the new technology as if you have never known it before. Twitter. HOW TO: Optimize Your Content for Social Discovery. David Sasson is the chief operating officer of Outbrain, a content recommendation platform that is based in New York. You can follow him on Twitter at @davidsasson. Since the rise of search over the past decade, few obsessions have run deeper in the world of online publishing than search engine optimization (SEO).

In an attempt to grow their audience and gain exposure for their content, publishers have increasingly focused on keeping Google’s crawlers well fed with tasty morsels of meta data, keyword repetitions, internal linking and more.