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In New Brand of Philanthropy, Nonprofits Invest in For-Profits. IMPACT INVESTING A private school in Hyderabad, India, is financed by a company set up by Gray Ghost Ventures. When the W. K. Kellogg Foundation set aside $100 million in 2007 to invest in companies that could produce both social and financial benefits, it was considered revolutionary. Historically, major foundations had used mainly stocks, bonds, real estate and other traditional asset classes to build their endowments. Now, such investments are increasingly common — and profitable. In 2010, the Kellogg Foundation invested $5 million in Wireless Generation, a tiny educational software maker working to improve public education in New York City. “The customer and market insights that the private companies we’ve invested in have, whether it be in food, health care, financial institutions or education, sharpened our ability to target our grant making and public policy efforts,” said Sterling K.

Philanthropy is taking its cues from Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Mr. Edgeryders. Transeuropa Network Events. Institut des Futurs Souhaitables. Accueil.


Yellow Boat Social Entrepreneurism. ; When Anton Mari H.

Yellow Boat Social Entrepreneurism

Lim read about the story of BAG943 Founder, Josh Mahinay on Rappler, the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation co-founder immediately contacted Mahinay, then a returning overseas Filipino worker from USA. “ The story of Josh really inspired me. He is an example of what we hope to see in the future from the kids that we are helping in our communities. Sometimes you question if all that you are doing are making sense, or if it is really making any difference, then you have this young kid who overcame poverty through the generosity of other people, and now is giving back to his root is just very inspiring.”, Lim said.

The two organizations both champion education for the underprivileged. BAG943 is a social entrepreneurship venture, which operates under a ‘Buy One. Since it launched in July 2012, the company has given over 1700 bags to children in 14 public schools. Fellowship. Echoing Green’s Fellowship Programs will offer more than $3.8 million in seed-stage funding and support this year to emerging leaders working to bring about positive social change.


From thousands of applicants, only about 1 percent are ultimately awarded a Fellowship. During their first two years, Fellows receive up to $90,000, participate in leadership development gatherings, and will access the powerful network of Echoing Green Fellows, partners, and friends. Echoing Green’s 2014 Barclays Brain Trust Series, sponsored in part by Barclays, is a program of roundtable and mentorship opportunities for Fellows with leading professionals working in marketing, fundraising, business development, and technology.

We continue to support our Fellow community long after their initial funding period with ongoing programs and opportunities at critical inflection points in their organizations or careers. Social Entrepreneurship Open Database. Entrepreneurship and Globalization. When: Summer 2012Credits: AshokaU Badges & Certificate of CompletionLocation: Online, globalOnline meeting times: Monday, 7:30-8:30pm (US EST / GMT -05:00) Wednesday, 7:30-8:30pm (US EST / GMT -05:00) Note: We understand many students are not able to log into class sessions at these times due to time zone differences.

Entrepreneurship and Globalization

Consequently, we will be recording all class sessions. These recordings will be accessible to enrolled students and auditors for the duration of the course. We will also set up a set of office hours (Google+ Hangouts) at alternate times. Details on this process to follow.) 1st Day: June 4, 2012 Email (preferred contacts): View Class Sessions Instructors Philip Auerswald @auerswald Erin Krampetz @erinkrampetz David J. Ours is arguably the most exciting era in human history. However the progress of human societies is not inevitable. How to Take a Social Venture to Scale - Paul Bloom. By Paul Bloom | 8:30 AM June 18, 2012 For a social entrepreneur with an innovative solution, the holy grail is scaling it—that is, taking it to a level where the new approach operates efficiently and effectively to achieve significant mitigation of a social problem.

How to Take a Social Venture to Scale - Paul Bloom

Hitrecord. Hi everyone, As we discussed in THIS VIDEO, we will be posting replies to the community's Profit Proposal feedback for each episode of HITRECORD ON TV.


The community will then have one week to review our replies and include any additional feedback. After this additional round of feedback has concluded, we will post Final Profits. In some instances feedback was already replied to in the original threads or in separate text records. Thanks! Please provide any additional feedback on the replies below by Tuesday, April 15th - thanks! > HITRECORD ON TV / RE: Trash / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE curlysuechich19: For "Front Lawn Freak," do actors/dancers/freaks get paid for being on camera? -> @curlysuechic: Hi, The way that we credited and resourced every record of Season 1 is consistent with how we have done Profits in the past.

HITRECORD ON TV / Overview / RE: Trash / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE. Welcome to Gawad Kalinga. Make Some NOISE ! The Blog. Destination Changemakers.