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Room2. Event Space Reverted. Event Space Top Down. Event Space. Event Space Bar. Event Space Front Angled 2. Event Space Front Angled. Event Space Front. Event Space Reverted Front Angled. Event Space Reverted Front. Event Space Reverted Retracted Bar. PHASE 2 SNCF PROJECT GROUPE 05. SNCF Phase II Customer Experience. Des inventions et des hommes : Le capteur de mouvement. Modular sncf. Zen Office Concept with Bonzai. Zen Office Concept. Auditorium (furniture exposed) Auditorium (closed floor) Floor Leveling Concept (realism) Floor Leveling Concept. How to Start a Workplace Garden: Organic Gardening. Workplace Gardens from Greenside UpGreenside Up. Designed to help you improve the quality of life for your staff and help you meet your corporate social responsibility requirements, workplace community gardens come in all shapes and sizes and include a diverse range of people who like to meet in them to learn, share and grow.

Workplace Gardens from Greenside UpGreenside Up

If you’re a workplace that would like to add value to your organisation, we are pleased to be able to offer a garden package that will give your staff and alternative to sports and social clubs and help to create self-sustaining communities for a changing and challenging environment. They offer companies the opportunity to carry out their corporate social responsibility in a way that will benefit staff and the local community. It’s been shown that the benefits of a good CSR package will¹: 10 Spectacular Airport Lounges Around The Globe Impress With Their Unique Designs. Airport lounges are not typically the ideal space you had in mind if you were to have a few hours to kill before you board the plane but, as always, there are plenty of exceptions.

10 Spectacular Airport Lounges Around The Globe Impress With Their Unique Designs

PH 1 SNCF PROJECT 2014. Sssh…. Finding Quiet in the Office. There’s a lot of talk these days about the importance of quiet and privacy in the office – and the lack of it in most of our open-plan workplaces.

Sssh…. Finding Quiet in the Office

So how about a solution? HENRI BARBUSSE - CLICHY. Innovia, Paris. Innovia is a 16,536m2 office building owned by SCI Chinon.

Innovia, Paris

It was built in 2009 and has been occupied by SNCF since early 2010. The building has several interesting features: Large windows over all the vertical walls to provide occupiers with access to daylight and pleasant external viewsA restaurant with a partly glazed roof to improve daylight accessA green roof over the restaurantA large conference room to host various eventsAccessible balconies at every floor of the building giving occupants access to fresh air. Antoine de Broglie, Chairman of STAM Europe (representing owners SCI CHINON) says “For us Innovia represents a pioneering project using BREEAM In-Use certification” Jean-Marc Roger of SNCF says "Innovia is an atypical building for SNCF.

Why BREEAM In-Use?

Pixar photos

A New Campus Vision. Epic Systems. Verve Mobile. Epic Systems. Verona, Wisconsin campus. Epic Systems Corporation Office Photos. Browse All. Good Office Design - The World's Best Office Interiors - Yandex. Pixar Headquarters and the Legacy of Steve Jobs. The first office ever posted on Office Snapshots was Pixar’s Emeryville headquarters – and is naturally one of the most popular.

Pixar Headquarters and the Legacy of Steve Jobs

It is a place where, just by looking at it, one can tell that creativity abounds. After 5+ years of studying, posting pictures of, and writing about office design – it seems like a good idea to take an in depth look into just what makes their office space so special. A New Campus Vision The story behind Pixar’s headquarters starts in 1999 with Steve Jobs. As Pixar’s CEO, Jobs brought in Bohlin Cywinski Jackson – famously known for designing Bill Gates’ Washington residential compound – to flesh out his vision for the campus, which was planned to hold up to 1000 employees. According to Jobs’ recent biography, the headquarters was to be a place that “promoted encounters and unplanned collaborations.”

Jobs also strived for a campus that stood the test of time. Coworking - Miejski Punkt Kultury PREXER-UŁ. Przestrzeń Miejskiego Punktu Kultury Prexer-UŁ, to trzy oddzielne sale i korytarz.

Coworking - Miejski Punkt Kultury PREXER-UŁ

Group. Creative & Modern Office Designs Around the World. Gone are the days when offices were typically cubicle, surrounded by white walls and lit by white fluorescent lights.

Creative & Modern Office Designs Around the World

Thanks to corporate giants like Google and Pixar that have demonstrated tremendous success despite their unconventional workplaces, more people are embracing the idea that creative work environment helps stimulate minds and inspire innovation. From simply ditching the crisp white walls for graphical wallpapers to a total overhaul of the office layout, we are all trying to break the mold and introduce a unique working environment to the team, and hopefully inspire some genius ideas along the way. So if you are trying to inject some personality into the place you spend your daily 9-5, how about getting some cue from the creative giants themselves?

Google (Zurich, Switzerland) Facebook (Palo Alto, California, USA) Skype (Tallin, Estonia) Digg (San Francisco, USA) Twitter (San Francisco, USA) Swatch (Zurich, Switzerland) Funny or Die on Behance. Funny or Die is an entertainment production company that rose to fame by creating viral comedy videos, amassing millions of views and often featuring famous comedians and celebrities.

Funny or Die on Behance

With its success, the company had expanded considerably, resulting in the need for larger offices with more meeting, production, and storage space, and reflective of the company’s vibrant personality and specialized departmental needs. The new campus provided an excellent opportunity to house Funny or Die, its parent company Gary Sanchez Productions, and offshoot Gifted Youth under one roof while providing additional flexibility for continued growth. While the new space needed to aesthetically represent the three companies in distinct and unique ways, it was also imperative that it successfully support the fast-paced and widely varied work of each individual department. Karting (activités créatives) L'ancien Karting situé à la pointe ouest de l'île de Nantes est réhabilité par la Samoa pour accueillir une quarantaine d'entreprises créatives.

Karting (activités créatives)

Dans la perspective du démarrage du chantier de transformation des Halles Alstom en 2012, plusieurs sites vacants ont été identifiés par la Samoa pour accueillir des acteurs des industries créatives et culturelles et des acteurs de l'économie sociale et solidaire, dans le but de constituer un véritable pôle économique lié au Quartier de la création. La Cantine numérique de Nantes. Executive suites, virtual offices & conference room space - Regus USA. Les espaces de travail s’invitent au cœur des gares. Des espaces de travail pour travailleurs nomades en plein cœur des gares.

Les espaces de travail s’invitent au cœur des gares

C’est la promesse d’un partenariat conclu lundi 21 novembre par la SNCF et Regus, leader mondial des espaces de travail flexibles. En deux ans, six de ces centres vont voir le jour. Séduire la clientèle d’entreprise « Les gares, ce n’est pas que du béton, c’est aussi des services », note d’emblée Guillaume Pépy, le président de la SNCF, qui assoit le projet dans une stratégie de séduction des clients professionnels, « pour que le train à grande vitesse soit l’égal de l’avion ». Une déclaration de guerre ambitieuse à l’aérien, notamment aux lounges des compagnies aériennes. Les armes seront fournies par Regus, qui a été choisi à l’issue d’un appel d’offres lancé en avril 2011. Thalys. Thalys is an international high-speed train operator originally built around the LGV Nord high-speed line between Paris and Brussels. This track is shared with Eurostar trains that go from Paris or Brussels to London via Lille and the Channel Tunnel and with French domestic TGV trains.

Thalys reaches Amsterdam and Cologne, and its system is operated by Thalys International. Its capital is divided up between SNCF (60%), SNCB/NMBS (40%).[2] History[edit] The decision to build a high-speed railway between Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam was made in 1987. DDB Paris : nouvelle adresse, nouvelle donne...