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The MovieGoer App: You are More Influential than Roger Ebert. Social Movies: Three Start-Ups That Might Boost Hollywood's Box-Office Prospects. Bumebox launches for customizing business social media - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal. Bumebox announced the launch of its social publishing platform that focuses on customization for events and promotions. Staff Silicon Valley Business Journal Bumebox Inc. on Friday announced the launch of its social publishing platform that focuses on customization for events and promotions.

The Palo Alto startup said it is also the social media partner for fashion event Magic and that next month it will power the Universal Sports' realtime social module for the Rugby World Cup. Bumebox said its service lets businesses "create a viral environment as your followers join the conversation; attract new participants and potential customers" as well as customize for individual brands, enable on-site buying and analytics. Founded in 2011, Bumebox is led by CEO Jon Fahrner. Click here to read Bumebox's press release. Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way. Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way Matching the meteoric rise of social media with Cloud-based applications is BumeBox, a social media marketing startup that creates the equivalent of a big-time expo for your online fans.

Social Cloud: BumeBox, Real-time Social Media Events in a Big Way

This helps to achieve the main online ROI goal that most online businesses are looking for, that is to convert fans and visitors into paying customers. They provide the management for such social media events including: analysis and optimization ~ using their own package of analytics they will provide the necessary information to optimize your online experiencedevelopment ~ no in-house coding or implementation neededcustomization ~ customizing your social experience according to your campaign objectivesmonetization ~ utilize BumeBox’s full suite of commerce and advertising tools for both products and ad spacereach ~ more than a single one-off tweet, your message will reach further and faster than before By Muz Ismial.


How 'Titanic 3D' Will Have an Awesomely Social Premiere [EXCLUSIVE] James Cameron's historic blockbuster Titanic will be re-released next month, but its 3D big-screen presentation isn't the only modern twist.

How 'Titanic 3D' Will Have an Awesomely Social Premiere [EXCLUSIVE]

The film's March 27 premiere in London will also feature a possibly unprecedented level of social integration. The event will be live streamed at, where the company BumeBox will be integrating interactive conversational capabilities for Twitter-savvy fans at home. As Alex Zane hosts the red carpet arrivals and never-before-seen footage is interspersed with the live coverage, tweeters at home will be able to join the fun by submitting questions for arrivals and providing their own commentary using the hashtag #titanicredcarpet. BumeBox has provided similar setups for other brands and events including eBay, Universal Sports and Marc Jacobs. Click here to see how BumeBox worked with Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week. "We build the platform backward from whatever their objective is," Farhner says. Movie Promotion.

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Grassroots Social Media Campaigns Help Crowdfund Indie Films. Don't be alarmed if you're approached on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or Foursquare to make a donation to a film. Indie filmmakers are bullish on social media, using tenuous relationships with social media friends to fund their films. Some films have raised as much as $25,000 or more (or so they say), while others struggle to raise enough money to feed their film crew for a weekend. Indiegogo, Biracy and Kickstarter are three social media crowdfunding platforms that facilitate the process of collecting contributions. Scan the stream on Twitter on any given day and you'll see increasing numbers of filmmakers asking for money. Pleas go hand in hand with a deadline the filmmakers have to raise the money, or forfeit all of it (Kickstarter). One such film is "Legend of Black Lotus" -- a film, which as June 10, 2010 has only five days remaining to complete its funding campaign on Indiegogo.

This project is a short film incarnation of a proposed feature film.

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