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Writers on the Hill / A Crusader, and a man who lives in the present... Literary Agents, bah! Who needs them? > Home page. The Bookseller. Tim Jones. Turbine Turbine is an online literary journal published annually since 2001 by the International Institute of Modern Letters.

Tim Jones

It presents new work by our creative writing students alongside poetry and fiction by emerging and established writers. You can browse previous issues by clicking on the Turbine banners below. If you are interested in contributing to the next issue, visit our Submission Guidelines page for more details. Fiction: When She Came Walking, by Tim Jones. 24 September 2001 The first time she walked down our street, pots jumped off stoves, coal leapt from scuttles, wood went rat-a-tat-tatting down hallways.

Fiction: When She Came Walking, by Tim Jones

In our yard, a broom and spade got up and lurched around like drunks, trying to decide which way she'd gone. I caught my first glimpse of her from the window, and that was enough for me. Katherine Mansfield : The Fly. "THE FLY" by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923).

Katherine Mansfield : The Fly

Typed by myself referring to the Oxford World's Classics' "Katherine Mansfield, Selected Stories" and "Modern British Women Writers" published by Seibido (Tokyo). A Japanese translation was done by myself.