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Stories by NZ/Australian Writers

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Writers on the Hill / A Crusader, and a man who lives in the present... Literary Agents, bah! Who needs them? > Home page. The Bookseller. Tim Jones. Turbine Turbine is an online literary journal published annually since 2001 by the International Institute of Modern Letters.

Tim Jones

It presents new work by our creative writing students alongside poetry and fiction by emerging and established writers. You can browse previous issues by clicking on the Turbine banners below. If you are interested in contributing to the next issue, visit our Submission Guidelines page for more details. Issues Turbine 2013 Published 19 February 2014 Turbine 2012 Published 10 December 2012 Turbine 2011 Published 14 December 2011 Turbine 2010 Published 16 December 2010 Turbine 2009 Published 17 December 2009 Turbine 2008 Published 10 December 2008 Turbine 2007 Published 12 December 2007 Turbine 2006 Published 15 December 2006 Turbine 2005 Published 15 December 2005 Turbine 2004 Published 17 December 2004 Turbine 2003 Published 18 December 2003 Turbine 2002 Published 18 October 2002.

Fiction: When She Came Walking, by Tim Jones. 24 September 2001 The first time she walked down our street, pots jumped off stoves, coal leapt from scuttles, wood went rat-a-tat-tatting down hallways.

Fiction: When She Came Walking, by Tim Jones

In our yard, a broom and spade got up and lurched around like drunks, trying to decide which way she'd gone. I caught my first glimpse of her from the window, and that was enough for me. "I'll be back soon," I told Mother, and slipped out the door before the questions could start. It was all I could do to stop the door coming with me, and the street looked like a parade had passed through: everything from Mrs. I left Mr. I ran after the railing and caught it with one hand as it was turning into Fenton Avenue -- and Fenton Avenue was so full of writhing inanimate objects I was happy the railing was there to delay me. "Thanks, Pat, you're a pal. I wanted to remind her I wasn't eight any more, but there was no changing some people.

She shook her head. "None at all," I told her. By the time we had wrestled the railing back to Mrs. "You! Oh. Katherine Mansfield : The Fly. "THE FLY" by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923).

Katherine Mansfield : The Fly

Typed by myself referring to the Oxford World's Classics' "Katherine Mansfield, Selected Stories" and "Modern British Women Writers" published by Seibido (Tokyo). A Japanese translation was done by myself. by Katherine Mansfield 'Y'are very snug in here,' piped old Mr Woodifield, and he peered out of the great, green leather armchair by his friend the boss's desk as a baby peers out of its pram. His talk was over; it was time for him to be off. Wistfully, admiringly, the old voice added, 'It's snug in here--upon my word! ' 'Yes, it's comfortable enough,' agreed the boss, and he nipped the Financial Times with a paper-knife. 'I've had it done up lately,' he explained, as he had explained for the past--how many? But he did not draw old Woodifield's attention to the photograph over the table of a grave-looking boy in uniform standing in one of those spectral photographers' parks with photographers' storm-clouds behind him. 'It's whisky, ain't it?