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The Speed of Objects in Motion. Touch The Fleeting Chill Of Air. Chapter Text His name is Sherlock Holmes, and he is aged ten.

Touch The Fleeting Chill Of Air

He can calculate maths well above his years, he attends a well respected primary school, and every day his brilliant older brother, Mycroft, comes and takes his hand, walking him home. "Brother," Sherlock remarks with a tug on Mycroft's sleeve one particularly misty afternoon. Not the King's Men. Warnings: Eventual Sherlock/John.

Not the King's Men

At the time John thought it was simply one of those standard slips left by delivering companies. A black and white, flimsy piece of paper with the printed words 'Sorry you were out when your parcel arrived. The Pull of One Magnet to Another. Beta: Thanks to anarion (LJ) who is always an inspiring plot consultant, and to omletlove (LJ) who was an all-star beta, both for SPAG and plot; I couldn't have hoped for a better beta, she's amazing.

The Pull of One Magnet to Another

Notes: Written several months ago for a prompt on the kink meme, but I wasn't happy with it at the time, so I gave it a huge makeover. If anyone from the meme is reading this, I want to thank you for your huge support. The title comes from the song I Was Married by Tegan and Sara. The three Holmeses were having tea in the Winter Garden restaurant of the very prestigious Landmark Hotel. The Most Dangerous Game (Dark!Johnlock part 1) The Most Dangerous Game (Part 2) The Most Dangerous Game (Part 3) Once More, With Feeling. Chapter Text "…and she's a vegetarian, which makes sense because, as I said, she's a veterinarian.

Once More, With Feeling

She loves animals! Just adores them! And I remembered how much you loved dogs as a boy so I said to myself, Emma, I said, this girl would be perfect for John-" John sighed and rubbed at his eyes. And possibly meddling. "-so is Friday, fine? " Quid Pro Quo. The first text came on Friday.

Quid Pro Quo

If brother has green ladder, arrest brother. - SH John recognized that it had obviously been sent to the wrong number and chose to ignore it. The second one came on Saturday. Anderson belligerently incompetent.

John/Sherlock (Part 2)

Collared. Chapter Text John Watson carefully poured nails into the metal shaft of the pipe bomb.


Reaching in with his forefingers, he grasped the ends of the copper wires that would eventually attach to the mercury switch. He pulled a strip of black electrical tape with his teeth, reached his free hand for the box cutters. Of Wings and Love. OK… This is a mad, cracky, probably OOC, AU fic, but I just couldn't resist!

Of Wings and Love

Inspired by the amazing story 'Gamayun' by the wonderful bedamn – GO READ IT NOW! They've done a much better job of it than I have, and I'm not intending to copy but I just couldn't stop myself! :) A Mile in His Shoes. How to Build a Heart out of Ashes. Author's Notes:This will be a full length AU fic and will be posted up here as I finish and my lovely, amazing beta kathecello cleans them up!

How to Build a Heart out of Ashes

This is currently very low teen but the ratings will go up further along. Warnings for the whole story: general adult themes, swearing, mentions of child abuse, violence and graphic sex. How to Build a Heart out of Ashes: Changeling. The Republic of Heaven. The Republic of Heaven Part One The Architecture of Our Lives When Sherlock was born, people knew he was different.

The Republic of Heaven

Not due to any sort of action on his part, but merely because his mother was a witch. Grayson Holmes had very little patience with that attitude. And right now, all his attention went to the small bundle in his arms. Grayson smiled and bent down so Samieyah could look at the baby. Of Rings (Domestic Abuse- NOT by Sherlock) Pairing: Sherlock/John, OMC/John Rating: PG-13+ Warnings: abusive relationship, OOCness AU in which John is one of Mrs Turner's 'married ones' next door, but there's something odd going on there ...

Of Rings (Domestic Abuse- NOT by Sherlock)

The little blond man from next-door was late this morning. Usually he left home at precisely half-past seven, but today it was nearly eight. Sherlock stood by the window and watched intently as the man limped down the street towards the Underground. SLEEPINGJOHN. Chapter Text Lestrade turned up after dinner that night. He was greeted by a very enthusiastic John who kissed him and held both his hands. "Wow, you look very nice Greg. " he said, and dear lord, was John actually fluttering his eyes at him? "Lestrade, meet Flirt. " Sherlock said from the kitchen table as he tweaked notes. "Oh you TEASE! " "Er.... " The Bare Edge. Chapter Text It was a bloody awful time of year.

February. Spring. The season of rebirth, blooms, renewal. John hated it. You… you told me once that you weren’t a hero. It felt like an insult that the world moved on so easily.