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The SPXSLT Codeplex Project – New XSL Templates « Marc D Anderso. Cross-posted from… About a month ago, at the suggestion of @iwkid, I created a new Codeplex project called SPXSLT.

The SPXSLT Codeplex Project – New XSL Templates « Marc D Anderso

My goal was to start providing a library of useful XSL templates for people to use in Data View Web Parts (DVWPs) or Content Query Web Parts (CQWPs) in SharePoint. It’s a bit different from most Codeplex projects in that (at least so far), I’m not building releases. I’m simply using the Documentation section of the project to contain the XSL templates and their descriptions. With all the work I do with DVWPs, I often find myself copying and pasting utility templates that I’ve built over time from old projects into new ones. Sharepoint - Query Based Lookup Field Control. SharePoint Cascading Drop Down List (With Filter) Field Type. SharePoint Filtered Lookup Field. SharePoint QuickLaunchExtender. SharePoint Web Part Visibility Filter Web Part.

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