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Talking Crochet ... Joyous Squares. Basic Car Seat Tent pattern by Maria Vazquez. Tiny crochet ball pattern. Magic Ring (right-handed) Link easily to this tutorial in your patterns: Looking for the left-handed instructions?

Magic Ring (right-handed)

Or the video tutorial? If not, read on… What is this ‘Magic Ring’, anyway? A magic ring is a way to begin crocheting in the round by crocheting over an adjustable loop and then pulling the loop tight. L: ch2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 2 sc in each st around. How do I make a Magic Ring? Please note: in the following photos, the starting yarn tail is always on the left and hanging down. This demonstration shows a piece made using the following pattern:Make a magic ring, ch 1. Invisible Decrease. Invisible Decrease Link easily to this tutorial in your patterns: If you’ve been making amigurumi, you may be lamenting the gap or bump that forms when you decrease.

Invisible Decrease

The standard methods of decreasing are to sc2tog, which can leave a bit of a bump and a small gap, or to skip a stitch, which leaves an obvious gap. TUTORIAL and PATTERN: Kid Pants, the basic pants. Welcome to our series on KID PANTS.

TUTORIAL and PATTERN: Kid Pants, the basic pants

All the styles that are shared are adaptable to any size pants….from babies up to adults; for boys and girls. We’ll show you the ins and outs of making pants and we’ve got a downloadable pattern for size 2-3 toddler. Today we’re starting with the Basic Pant, with an elastic casing waistband. Over 200 Free Crocheted Dishcloth Patterns at AllCrafts. The best FREE patterns so WONDERFUL people like YOU can create and SHARE!

Over 200 Free Crocheted Dishcloth Patterns at AllCrafts

Please let us know about any broken links that you find. THANKS Thousands of free patterns Search Over 200 Free Crocheted Dishcloth Patterns at How To Crochet: Introduction to this Fabulous Craft. Welcome to the new How To Crochet series on Tip Junkie.

How To Crochet: Introduction to this Fabulous Craft

Today we are covering the very basics for those of you who want to learn how to crochet. This is a beginners guide to crochet with an introduction to the look, the yarn, the hooks, gauge, and a new yarn called the Sashay from Red Heart Yarn. How to Make Sweater Mittens Out of an Old Sweater. A cold weather needs a warm remedy!

How to Make Sweater Mittens Out of an Old Sweater

And one way to care for yourself in times of chilly weather is with the help of a pair of mittens. Learn how to make in just a few minutes some mittens from an unused sweater. The process is fairly easy and the images really speak for themselves. Grab these materials: • a wool sweater; • marker; • a pair of scissors; • straight pins; • sewing needle and thread (matching the color of the sweater); • buttons, additional embroidery floss; Start by turning your sweater inside-out and outlining your hand with a marker on the lower part of the front of the sweater.

Sew a simple stitch along the trace, making sure the bottom is left open and wide enough for your hand to fit in. Finish by turning the resulting mitten inside-out and decorating according to your taste. 35 Free Patterns for Reusable Grocery Bags. The reusable grocery bag is no stranger to Curbly, but we've never featured this many options.

35 Free Patterns for Reusable Grocery Bags

Featuring sew-able options, some for knitters, and plenty you can crochet, will getcha away from those disposable plastic monsters in no time. 52 Plarn Patterns. The Crocodile Stitch with Video Tutorial & Free Scarf Pattern. The Crocodile Stitch with Video Tutorial & Free Scarf Pattern Crochet Crocodile Stitch.

The Crocodile Stitch with Video Tutorial & Free Scarf Pattern

Free Pattern Included with Today’s Blog The Crocodile Stitch came abruptly onto the market in 2011 and quickly gained the hearts of crocheters globally. It is unique and fun. Free Sewing Patterns Tutorials and Crafts for You DIY. Children's Size Chart for Clothes. Free Sewing Patterns - Over 2000! Welcome to the Free Sewing Patterns & Projects section at!

Free Sewing Patterns - Over 2000!

Providing easy access to over 4,500 of the best free sewing patterns & projects on the web! And all organized by category so you can easily find the project you’re looking for. 112 Free Baby Clothes Patterns. Sew your own baby clothes with this collection of over 200 free baby clothes patterns gathered from all over the web.

112 Free Baby Clothes Patterns

Sew baby dresses, hats, shirts, pants, and more. And since many baby clothes are made from knit fabrics, here are a few tips for working with knits: Sometimes a knit fabric will have a subtle nap to it (where the pile of the fabric runs in one direction). Therefore, when laying your pattern pieces onto your fabric, you may want to lay them all out in the same direction so that the nap will run in the same direction on your finished garment.

And use a ballpoint needle in your sewing machine, which will pass between the fibers of your knit fabric instead of piercing them. Paper Loop Ornament. If you are into scrapbooking, chances are you have lots of odds and ends of beautiful paper left over. Here is an idea for using some of them for beautiful Christmas Ornaments. Supplies 2 one inch by twelve inch strips of colorful scrapbook paper 2 decorative circles of scrapbook paper.

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Make Your Own Pattern. People often ask how I sew without Store-bought patterns. It’s not hard to do and you can do it to too! I’ll show you how. First off, I don’t totally “wing it”. I use a piece of clothing I already have as my guideline and improvise from there. Pinterest. Pinterest. FREE overall pattern! Just wanted to make you feel good about your kitchens today. Here’s a peak at mine….its nice, but TINY!

We live in a small apartment in Hong Kong and our kitchen is small too. Although, the place we lived before this was even smaller (when the oven door was open you couldn’t get out of the room) it had a 2×2 counter space (in the whole kitchen!). I do love our place now, but sometimes get envious of larger places to spread out when creating… Notice something strange in here as well? Scroll down to see if you are correct. Yep, There is a washing machine in the kitchen! Ok, now onto the features from last weeks party.