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Gathering, Smocking, Ruching

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Smocking A Honeycomb Texture. Canadian Smocking Tutorial With Graphs. Lattice (Canadian) Smocking. So here comes a tutorial on how to do lattice smocking, the smock on the left in this picture.

Lattice (Canadian) Smocking

Just as in honeycomb smocking one have a net of dots on the fabric, this time we are marking them out on the backside of the fabric. To make it simple we also mark out how we are going to gather the dots this time. Gather A Ruffle Without Pulling A Thread. I enjoy using center-gathered strips to use as a ruffle embellishment (often called a "Euro-Ruffle").

Gather A Ruffle Without Pulling A Thread

The ruffled strip on the top pictured above is for my little friend Julianna, age 3, but I have used this same technique with narrow ruffles around necklines or sleeves on adult garments. The ways to use this embellishment are limited only by your imagination. Make An Easy Patttern For Gathered Fabric Items. Alright, as promised here is a "making a gathered pattern tutorial.

Make An Easy Patttern For Gathered Fabric Items

" I hope at least someone finds it useful! For the tutorial, the pictures come first, and then the explanation. How To Ruche.