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Session Management de projet du 19 Mai 2011

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Cancel any time. Customizable Graphics Complete Transparency Works on stores of any size Top notch customer service We're proud of our product and always willing to help. Our success depends on yours — you pay nothing until we increase your sales! Will Granify work on my store? Yes! How does pricing work after the trial? Granify is pay on performance — there's no charge unless we increase your revenue! Can I cancel my account at any time? Beautiful live chat software pricing for sales and support. In-browser Chat Our in-browser Olark chat makes connecting with your customer as easy as launching a browser!

Beautiful live chat software pricing for sales and support

Tips For Getting Started For The Non-Technical Web Entrepreneur. Some good tips, but two comments.

Tips For Getting Started For The Non-Technical Web Entrepreneur

First when you write for entrepreneurs, loose the buzz words like "Wireframes"? Perspective means knowing who your audience and speaking to that level. Second, with regard to your advice about sites like oDesk for design, sites like thoes devalue professional creatives. Entreprenuers don't simply need design, they need professional consulation that goes along with creating a brand. If you are serious, do it right from the beginning. @Tanya - Thanks for the feedback. Investor and press networking can be somewhat useful, but it's far, far less important than customers and product. I always recommend 2-wireframes (even if hand-drawn) and 3-designer early in the process - forces a necessary thinking through of feature/functionality/value prop. I can not express enough how important it is to develop relathionships with investors/advisors and the press.

Very interesting, I have been toying with the idea of an online reatil shop. The seven tricks everyone can learn from game designers. Gamification, the practice of adding game-like mechanics to non-game applications to improve engagement, is going through a hype cycle.

The seven tricks everyone can learn from game designers

And one of its leading experts, Amy Jo Kim, added to the push by outlining seven core gamification tricks today at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Kim, a veteran game designer and founder of the game studio Shufflebrain, said she wasn’t a fan of the word “gamification.” She prefers the word “game thinking” and believes that games are going to be everywhere, noting that game designer Will Wright refers to this time as a Gambrian Explosion, much like the Cambrian Explosion that gave birth to so many new life forms 500 million years ago. Getting Your Startup Website Ready, Pre-Launch. Even if you're not quite ready to show the public your product, you can still create a good website and a solid online presence for your startup.

Getting Your Startup Website Ready, Pre-Launch

I want to sidestep the argument about whether or not it's good to be "stealth" or not, and work with the assumption that if you've purchased the domain name, you're going to put up some sort of website. So here are a few of the things you should consider when building your startup's site: 1. Have a nice "look" You don't have to commit to the whole graphical "look and feel" of your brand on day one, but you do want to to make moves in that direction. 2. Be sure to capture the email addresses of those who visit. Add these people to a newsletter. 3. Make sure you have all the various sharing buttons on your site so that people can follow you on Twitter, follow your RSS feeds, like your site, and easily share information with their friends about your sites. 4.

Never underestimate the importance of having a blog. Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why: Last night I had the great privilege to interview Bill Gross, one of the Internet’s true pioneers.

Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

To say he has had an impact on the web would be an understatement. His impact has even helped a small country gain admission to the United Nations. All of that are in this week’s episode of This Week in VC. Summary notes, as always, provide below. It was a pleasure to write them myself. Overture ( He invented the category of sponsored search. He created (later renamed Overture) out of a frustration with search. The idea actually came to him from the Yellow Pages business.

He was skeptical of spending the money but astounded at what a transformational impact it had on his business. Bill’s rationale was the more serious your business was, the more you could afford to pay for placement and therefore the more likely it was for consumers. So he launched a company with exclusively paid search.

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