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Mantis. MANTIS is an elegantly simplified variant of the iconic desk lamp, made of lightly stained solid maple. The lamp uses energy-saving LEDs placed with precision to provide a natural like warm white light emanating from a hollowed out wooden fixture. The simplified usability comes through in the mechanical principle which relies on gravity to fix an aluminum tube that has been inserted through a wooden stem attached to its base. With this minimalist principle in mind one can effortlessly swing and adjust the height displaying the intended delicate balance, lightness and playfulness of the design. In its symbiosis of clear lines, the natural character of the wood, the colourful accent of the textile cable and coated aluminum tube, MANTIS is a timeless piece to compliment any modern home and office interior.

Year of design: 2010. Borderline Big Foot. Two shells are joined to form a borderline between dark and light, shade and diffusor. They’re bound by three velcro bands, leaving the shell edges free of metallic joints. When the lamp is on, the inner white shell diffuses a soft, comfortable light, while the indirect light emitted from the top gives the impression that the lamp is floating below the ceiling. The contrast of black ABS outside and opal white acrylic inside is striking even when the light is off. The three elements – shade, diffusor and velcro tie bands – are clear and visible features in the design and make the lamp easy to maintain. No manual is needed to change the bulb. Year of design: 2009 - 2010. PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED - Products. Mette Schelde designed this lamp for Please Wait to be Seated. The idea is that you can interact with the design. The disks are attached by magnetism and can freely be moved around.

This means that you can change the visual images of the light as you wish. The indirect ambient halogen light appear soft and create shadows on the wall according to how the disks are configured on the profile. DETAILS The materials used are solid brass (ø32 cm), polished aluminum (ø18 cm) and powder coated colored steel (ø25 cm). The lamp comes with a Halogen G9 18W bulb. Measure: Length 98 cm Depth 12 cm The cord is 2 m long. PRICE DKK 4.979,- incl. Delivery time max. 7 days. SHIPPING Free shipping within Denmark. Pelican, short 37 cm - Eleanor HomeEleanor Home.

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Norm 69 Lamp | XXLarge | Bright danish design icon. Bau Lamp | A sculptural wooden ceiling lamp of multicolored elements. Amp Table lamp | Modern Glass Table Lamp. Bell Lamp large | A robust and minimalistic ceiling lamp in matte grey. The expression of the Bell pendant lamp is robust, the form is simple. With its industrial, yet friendly look this directional lamp is ideal for both home decors and professional environments. The designers Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck have taken their starting point for the design in the iconic shape of a bell. The lamp’s rounded silhouette and matt surface give it the impression of having been cast. The white inner side reflects the light, which falls like a cone and provides practical lighting for several purposes.

The designers have payed special attention to the details, emphasizing the gathering point between the cord and the lamp itself in a contemporary way. Bell fits beautifully in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway and office environment. Design: Andreas Lund & Jacob Rudbeck. Smoke Factory. Funnel Floor. Iron Suspension. Balloon Table. Lille Wall Small. Lille Wall Medium. Dover Long. SLIDE Ali Baba Torch 205 Outdoor - Floor lamps - Outdoor. SLIDE Ali Baba Torch 165 Outdoor - Floor lamps - Outdoor. SLIDE Pivot Alibaba Outdoor - Floor lamps - Outdoor.

Birdy - Northern Lighting. Bell - Northern Lighting. Moo - Northern Lighting. Butterfly - Northern Lighting. Illusion - Northern Lighting. Groggy - Northern Lighting. Oslo Wood - Northern Lighting. Acorn - Northern Lighting. Say My Name - Northern Lighting. Dokka - Northern Lighting. Dokka is a small light with a big history. Designed in 1954, Dokka was the first lamp from Norway to receive a Golden Medal award at the prestigious Triennale di Milano.

Acclaimed for its smooth contours, precise proportions and sleek handling of materials, Dokka had the potential to become a design classic from day one. Dokka became one of the best-selling pendant lamps ever produced in Norway, then abruptly disappeared when the previous manufacturer discontinued their lighting range. In 2007, Northern Lighting re-launched Dokka, taking care to preserve the features that made it a design classic. . ← To product overview. Seed - Northern Lighting. Bake Me a Cake - Northern Lighting. Light tale. Inspired by a range of shapes and structures, but mostly by a type of windmill, Light Tale is a floor lamp in which the sense of balance and good proportion work together to serve functionality. The geometric shape of the shade tames and gives a sense of touch to the light which is otherwise an indefinite element.

It acts mostly the same way the windmill harnesses wind to transform it into energy, only this time energy is transformed into light. The tail at the back of the shade gives comfort and ease in directing the light source to the desired location, as the tail of the windmill follows the wind so does the lamp follow the user. The shade provides a cone of light suitable for reading or writing but can also be used just for creating a warm ambient in the room. The contrast between shaded and the illuminated area is well defined due to the opening and form of the shade. - Cowbelle Floor. Le lampadaire Cowbelle est au cœur de nos lignes directrices de design : ré-utilisation et nouveaux usages. La forme provient d’un élément nautique que nous trouvons parfaite comme forme pour une source de lumière décorative. De manière imaginée, elle nous rappelle les cloches des vaches européennes qui ornent encore le cou des vaches laitières.Notre design en décalage de la hampe, permet un doux éclat de lumière dirigé, qui peut être utilisé pour lire ou pour un éclairage général de la zone.

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