Should I Change My Password? A serious flaw was found in OpenSSL, a software program vital to the security of many websites, including Yahoo Mail. It is estimated that 17% of the world’s secure websites, or roughly half a million sites, were impacted by the bug at the time it went public. This includes extremely popular sites such as Yahoo Mail, the most popular web email service in the world. Find out how you’re affected, and what you should do.

Should I Change My Password?

LulzSec E-mail Hack Proves We're Lousy at Picking Passwords Whether you think LulzSec is doing us a favor for exposing our security weaknesses or think the hacker group has gone too far, a very old lesson can be learned here: we need to create stronger passwords. New analysis of the 62,000 logins LulzSec made publicly available reveals, yet again, our seriously weak password habits. This certainly isn't the first time we've seen how poor some of our passwords are. Last January, one study revealed the most typical passwords used by the 32 million accounts hacked on were "123456" and "password". LulzSec E-mail Hack Proves We're Lousy at Picking Passwords
LulzSec E-mail Hack Proves We're Lousy at Picking Passwords
Random Password Generator Random Password Generator Ten suggested passwords are: embee93 pewerfel72 ceesters87 errenged67 ferther39 eveeleng3 rebestly26 geege58 chelleer78 eccepent73 refresh iPhone Version Available A version of our pronounceable password generator for the iPhone and iPod touch is available.
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