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Assignment 1 Gallery Walk (Spring 2021)

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ACM Digital Library (Allyson) Association for Computing Machinery- Database Overview Why This Database?

ACM Digital Library (Allyson)

You have your mini-assignment topic and you might be thinking, now what? Getting started on research can feel daunting and overwhelming. This guide on ACM Digital Library database will take you through a few searches (basic and advanced) specifically related to our mini-assignment so that you can start to get the most out of this invaluable resource. We'll also run through some highlights of this database so you feel more confident about the scope of this database and how it operates. So what exactly is ACM and how is it different from ACM Digital Library (our database)?

The Association for Computing Machinery is a non profit society that focuses on delivering resources in the field of computing including the Digital Library we are utilizing in this course. The video below... ...discusses some of the scope of ACM Digital Library. NoveList Plus for Patrons (Amber)

Hi Amber, I used NoveList K-8 Plus for my DotW, so I was excited to see the “grown up” one here! Your video was so professional. It seemed like a promo from the company! Showing how the appeals work was a great way to give the users an overview while not making it too overwhelming, which I know it can be (as you mentioned). Your pacing was great and you somehow managed to get a ton of information in a short amount of time, which is something that I definitely struggled with. The music was also a nice touch. ~Kelly P. – kpillis

Library Literature and Information Science Full-text (Andy) PebbleGo Next (Anne) Academic Search Premier (Caroline) HeinOnline (Christine) The Largest Image-based Legal Research Database An Entire Print Library in One Database Find full-text PDFs of over 191 million pages and 298,000 titles.

HeinOnline (Christine)

With over 2,900 legal journals and periodicals, the entire Congressional Record, Federal Register, and Code of Federal Regulations, and complete coverage of the U.S. Reports back to 1754, and much more, HeinOnline is the place to go to find authoritative legal materials. Is this Database Right For You? HeinOnline is a great tool for law students, lawyers, librarians, legal researchers, and anybody researching the law.

Scope of Materials U.S. SIRS Discoverer (Debbie) Rosen Teen Health and Wellness (India) What Is Teen Health and Wellness?

Rosen Teen Health and Wellness (India)

I'm glad you asked! It's a database created with teenagers in mind. Information throughout is presented using a sensitive, respectful, and age-appropriate approach. As such, this database's audience is primarily targeted for teens looking to find information, but it can easily be used by parents and educators. New Look, Same Great Information Above is Teen Health and Wellness' homepage.

Rosen, the database vendor, is an educational publishing house whose goal, as stated on their website, is to "engage and motivate students by providing compelling, just-right content correlated to curriculum standards". Using the ERIC Database (Jessica) Finding Resources About Special Education Why use ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)?

Hi Jessica, I used a similar layout with a few different videos for my project as well! I like how you divided it into different levels of need so that your users can just view what they want help with. Your real-life IEP example was a great introductory one that I know a lot of parents would be happy to see and could benefit from. Emphasizing the different ways to get to ERIC and the fact that it's free was also great. I found the use of your voice to be very helpful. You spoke slowly and clearly and had a great tone to keep the viewer interested. Thanks for sharing! ~Kelly P. – kpillis

Index database FREE to users (Sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the US Department of Education)Contains over 1.6 million education resources including journal articles, research reports, fact sheets, conference papers, and books, including 60,000+ records with full textA great source of rich, reliable resources about a wide range of education topicsUser-friendly keyword searches make finding resources a snap!

Using the ERIC Database (Jessica)

I hope you will give ERIC a try! Connect with Jessica DiCicco I am a student in the Masters of Information Program at Rutgers University. Teacher Reference Center (Jillian B.) Compendex (John) Literary Reference Center (Julianna R) Hello!

Literary Reference Center (Julianna R)

My name is Julianna. I am currently completing my MI at Rutgers University, with a concentration in Library and Information Science. I received undergraduate degrees in English and Information Technology and Informatics. Today, I will be walking you through the EBSCO database Literary Reference Center. JobNow (Karina)

This database seems really great and useful for high school students, college students, and even adults looking for a job. I really love the live features and it seems like from your personal experiences that they are helpful in refining your resume or career tips. - Megan – mandersen

Exploring ProQuest History Vault (Kathleen) Reflection: I plan to include this tutorial in my LibGuide for people who are considering running for elected office.

Exploring ProQuest History Vault (Kathleen)

While creating this presentation, I was thinking about the person who wants to learn more about the genesis of some of the social movements that influence our politics today. I designed the presentation as a tool for the student, journalist, professional, or other layperson--not necessarily the academic--who seeks access to historical materials for their research, work, or personal edification.

I've become a big fan of ProQuest History Vault. Its materials are impressively deep and broad, and it has an archivist's respect for the sources of its collections. After reviewing the Gallery of my peers' database explorations, I decided to use Adobe Spark because I liked the elegant appearance and wanted to learn how to create presentations using this software.

Opposing Viewpoints (Kelley) Ferguson's Career Center (Kelly) ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Philadelphia Inquirer (Lauren C) Epic! (Lesley) Today's Science (Marnie) Gale Literature Resource Center (Sarah)