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Assignment 2 Gallery Walk (530/Spring 2020)

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Natasha Mikulich, A Hikers Guide to New Jersey. The NY NJ Trail Conference has a great NJ Trail Finder list!

Natasha Mikulich, A Hikers Guide to New Jersey

Trails are listed with length of hike, difficulty level, and information on pet friendliness. Kid's Guide NJ has a helpful trail finder just for kid friendly hikes Trail Link can help you find trails near you! The Special thing about Trail Link is that every trail featured used to be a railroad line. Enter your ZIP code and a keyword for the kind of trail you are interested in, such as "paved" or "bird watching", and Trail Link will provide you with a list of trails meeting your criteria. is brought to you by the New Jersey Trails Association. World War I Aviation. Of Interest Special Report: Stories From the Great War / Air & Space Magazine Rich, miniature, article-based collection of media including a powerful essay about PTSD and a portrait of one pilot's diary.

World War I Aviation

What impact did the First World War have on aircraft and aerial warfare? / Imperial War Museums Image-heavy introduction to major elements. In World War I, British Biplanes Had Wireless Phones in the Cockpit. Middle Schoolers ... How to Get Ready for High School. Invasive Species (Alyssa) Within this LibGuide, you will find resources related to various invasive species across the United States.

Invasive Species (Alyssa)

These sources come from government sites, academic papers, blogs and other places, to help fill your information need. What Are Invasive Species? Invasive species are organisms that have been introduced to a novel environment and have begun to spread beyond the place of introduction. Because these organisms are not native to the area, they tend to lack predators or pathogens that would curb their growth in their native range. Movie Fight Club (Annie) Teaching Tolerance and Finding Diverse Books - A Guide for Teachers (Carley) Music of Philadelphia (Chelsea)

Para Nuestros Vecinos (Connie) The UX Perspective (Diana) Library Technology & Innovation e-Learning Resource Hub (Erik) Greetings, learners!

Library Technology & Innovation e-Learning Resource Hub (Erik)

You've likely come to the Library's e-Learning Resource Hub to begin or continue learning software and technology skills. The guide is organized so that each parent tab has a variety of resources within that will help you navigate to tutorials. Please start with this guide if: You have specific software questions or need to learn a specific feature of one of the softwares available at the Library. You have taken a computer class at the Library, and need to know the next steps to increasing your skill with the software.

Virtual Field Trip Airport (Grace) Business & Competitive Intelligence Resources (Jennifer) What is this guide all about?

Business & Competitive Intelligence Resources (Jennifer)

Business and competitive intelligence is a combination of internally and externally sourced, actionable information that yields insights about the enterprise, its competitors and the broader environment; it provides decision-makers with recommendations that add business value and helps the organization improve and sustain superior performance compared to the competition. In higher education, leadership is increasingly embracing an information rich approach that integrates research, institutional reporting, assessment of teaching and learning, academic program review, accreditation, strategic planning, technology and data governance.

These developments point to the need for nimble, adaptable information professionals who can keep pace with rapidly changing technology trends and understand how a changing society affects the client - students. Social Anxiety Disorder: A Guide For Teens (Kaitlin) Can You Relate To These Teens?

Social Anxiety Disorder: A Guide For Teens (Kaitlin)

"Shy Susan" "Anxious Adam" Personality Traits: 1. Exploring Poetry (Kaitlyn) Mental Health in High School (Kelly) This is a tough subject for everyone involved.

Mental Health in High School (Kelly)

OCD: A Guide for Adolescents (Kyle) What is OCD?

OCD: A Guide for Adolescents (Kyle)

The main characteristic of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is the presence of obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are "recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges, or images that are experienced as intrusive and unwanted. " Compulsions are "repetitive behaviors or mental acts that an individual feels driven to perform in response to an obsession or according to rules that must be applied rigidly. " Obsessions and compulsions take up a significant amount of time out of a person's day (an hour or longer). -Definition from DSM-5 Compulsions are repeated behaviors that the person performs in order to decrease the anxiety caused by the obsession.

Obsessions tend to be thoughts, whereas compulsions are usually behaviors. -From Fairytale Factory (Lauren) The Libation Station (Meredith) The current Featured Famous Tippler is the great American author Ernest Hemingway.

The Libation Station (Meredith)

Renowned for his writing skills and storytelling, he was an avid lover of cocktails and quite versed in his spirits. While a classic dry martini may have been Hemingway's favorite cocktail, he is credited with helping to create to other tasty tipples: Death in the Afternoon and the Hemingway Daiquiri. If you are curious about what this literary cocktail aficionado became such an expert, check out How to Drink Like Ernest Hemingway.

Education for Sustainable Transportation (Molly) In this LibGuide, k-12 teachers will learn how to design integrated theme units on Sustainable Transportation according to the principles of Education for Sustainability.

Education for Sustainable Transportation (Molly)

Parts of the guide are specific to New Jersey and Mercer County, but most of the resources can be used anywhere. While it is easy to find high-quality resources on Education for Sustainability, not many focus on the topic of transportation. I believe this topic is a great choice for young students, because most of them can’t drive. So if they can only get around their neighborhoods by car, their freedom is severely limited. Conflict Resolution (Nikki)

Boarding Makerspace (Sarah) Locations of Unbound Issues of Print Periodicals in East Asian Library (Saupan) 3D Printing (Middle School) (Sienna) Early Education Resources: A Teacher's Guide (Stefanie) Best Front Page of the Internet (Victoria) Travel to Italy- Diana Ovalles Sec-91. Black and Latinx Studies Curriculum (Cassondra McCarthy/91) This research guide contains 6 subject area tabs that are for the use of exploration and research so that those who are designing the Black and Latinx Studies Curriculum may be fully armed with information to create a strong and influential curriculum. The Course Development Information tab provides information regarding the specific developments of the course through its official roll out to classrooms by 2022. The Historical Events tab provides resources that are organized into 2 pages: one that provides access to databases and resources with historical documents and the other which provides access to resources related to teaching history.

Please visit the Historical Events home page as it has additional resources that may be useful to you. The Arts & Culture tab provides resources that are organized into 4 pages: Sports & Business; Music, Drama, & Film; Literature & Other Writings, and Art & Fashion. Thank you for visiting the Black and Latinx Curriculum libguide!