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Assignment 2 Gallery Walk (Fall 2021)

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Diabetes Management Hub (Brian) Philosophy Beyond The Classroom (Chris) Self-Directed Language Study (Emily) Dinosaurs (Emma) Learner's Guide to Learning Strategies for Learning Disabilities (Glenn) Art Auction/Catalogs (Graham) Know Your Source New Jersey (Harmony) When crafting this guide I took a special interest in the “Authority is Constructed and Contextual” frame of the ACRLFramework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Know Your Source New Jersey (Harmony)

I want students, and their educators, to develop healthy skepticism and a critical eye toward all the information they consume. The frame also helps to remind me of the place of authority in the information landscape and of instances when educators could be promoting undue or inequitable authority in their teaching practices. There are three central values I believe educators and librarians should promote in their instruction. They are accessibility, literacy, and autonomy. First Time Home Buyers (Ian) Community Engagement & Transformative Leadership in Public Libraries (James) Temperance and Other Social Movements (Jason) Gaming in Education (Jesse) Let's take a moment to talk about games and education.

Gaming in Education (Jesse)

From the day we are born our parents play little games with us. Peek-a-boo actually helps to assist us in learning everything from simple sensory motor responses, to object permanence, and general developmental understanding (Miller & Commons, 2007). We give our children play-dough to be creative and artistic, building blocks like legos to learn how to construct and teach how to make things fit together, there are a number of basic board games and card games that we use to teach phonics, arithmetic, colors, and shapes. Even language is acquired through repetitions of sounds (Werker, et al., 2012); ;let's be realistic, no one learns their native language via the rules of grammar.

So why does it stop? Drag Culture (Michael) Musical Theater History Resources (Nicole) History of the British Empire (Rachael) Studying Shakespeare (Samantha) Infant Health & Nutrition (Suzanne) Housing Insecurity and Homelessness Resources (Vic)