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mLearning Studio Demo Videos & Samples. It’s Not eLearning On A Phone. Sharebar The only way we can understand something new is to create an analogy from something we know.

It’s Not eLearning On A Phone

So it makes sense that most of us think of mobile learning as eLearning on a portable device. That description, however, barely scratches the surface. Mobile is a strategy more than a technology. And its potential use is far greater than what mobile learning can offer. About Audacity. CMS at UBC. CMS at UBC. Icon Collections. MobileViewer - BlueGriffon Add-ons. Tomkuhlmann: 5 Tips for elearning success.

PowerPoint for E-Learning. To successfully use PowerPoint for rapid elearning, you need to do two things: Rethink how you use PowerPoint.

PowerPoint for E-Learning

Most people approach it from a linear presentation mindset, building slides the same way they would for face-to-face presentations. That just doesn’t work for elearning.Learn to use PowerPoint’s features. Once you scratch the surface of the tools available in PowerPoint, you’ll see it’s more than adequate for building great elearning.