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Planck Time

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Universe is older than previously thought, new study shows. Planck 'Time Machine' to Study Big Bang. It's not exactly Doc Brown's DeLorean from "Back to the Future," but the European Space Agency's (ESA) Planck Observatory will be something of a cosmic time machine after it launches this week.

Planck 'Time Machine' to Study Big Bang

Planck will be launched by ESA along with the Herschel Space Observatory aboard an Ariane 5 ECA launcher from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana on May 14. From Eric Weisstein's World of Physics. Planck Time. PlanckScale.pdf (application/pdf Object) Planck units. Originally proposed in 1899 by German physicist Max Planck, these units are also known as natural units because the origin of their definition comes only from properties of the fundamental physical theories and not from interchangeable experimental parameters.

Planck units

Planck units are only one system of natural units among other systems, but are considered unique in that these units are not based on properties of any prototype object or particle (that would be arbitrarily chosen), but rather on properties of free space alone. Feynman Diagrams - Sixty Symbols. Matter V Antimatter. Planck Length (extra footage) Interesting questions about the Pyramids 1/4. Hyson's Corner. The Schwarzschild Proton. Atoms are mini black holes? Crossing the Event Horizon. Black Holes, Event Horizon And Gravitational Waves. Planck Time & The Big Bang 3of4. Planck Time & The Big Bang 2of4. Planck Time & The Big Bang 1of4. 2010 May 12 « SCIFIre. Modern Physics, Stephen Hawking, and ‘God’ « Freethought Kampala. Most arguments for the existence of ‘God’ are appeals to ignorance, or arguments from incredulity; the general gist being… “science can’t explain X, therefore God exists.”

Modern Physics, Stephen Hawking, and ‘God’ « Freethought Kampala

“X”, here, being a placeholder for all sorts of things for which scientific explanations are not readily, or currently, available. Once upon a time “X” included such things as thunder, lightening, floods, disease, planetary orbits, origin of species, etc. But because inquisitive people decided to investigate these matters rather than to throw their hands up in defeat, eventually we DID find ways to scientifically explain thunder, lightening, floods, disease, planetary orbits, origin of species, etc. The Highest Resolution Possible @ Arman Bohn >>> music >> video > When I was a kid, I would imagine that I was an alien, dreaming this whole world up with the aid of some strange device … a kind of cosmic reality video game.

The Highest Resolution Possible @ Arman Bohn >>> music >> video >

Like “The Sims” … but with really good graphics. I half expected that someday I would wake up, shake off my green tentacles, wipe the slime from my beak and turn off the “human” video game. This hasn’t happened (yet). That doesn’t mean that universe doesn’t have some video game like properties! People like to think that time and space flow smoothly.

In video games, it’s not so fluid (albeit they look better now than when I was a kid). The real universe happens to be dominated by something called the Planck Constant in a similar respect. Planck time. In physics, the Planck time (P) is the unit of time in the system of natural units known as Planck units.

Planck time

It is the time required for light to travel, in a vacuum, a distance of 1 Planck length.[1] The unit is named after Max Planck, who was the first to propose it. The Planck time is defined as:[2] where: = /2 is the reduced Planck constant (sometimes h is used instead of ħ in the definition[1]) G = gravitational constant. Chapterone,thesongoftheuniverse - malcolmmcewen. 1: The ‘Point’ of Agreement I have in putting this first chapter together perhaps toiled more than I would have preferred.

chapterone,thesongoftheuniverse - malcolmmcewen

However the process of putting together an explanation of the origin of the universe that is compatible with all the scientific and religious arguments has proved more difficult than I first anticipated. I suspect that this has not been because these opposing ideas are truly in conflict but because each uses different terminology with such terminology having no direct translation into the other. Similarly minor details, which appear in one explanation, are invariable absent in another.

These omissions and variations are due more to the effects of time, translation and historical and conceptual conflicts than to true differences in opinion. Artificial Life or Artificial Hype? And the Big Bang Gets Another Boost. « Doug’s Darkworld. Scientists announced last week the first creation of artificial life in the laboratory.

Artificial Life or Artificial Hype? And the Big Bang Gets Another Boost. « Doug’s Darkworld

And the media breathlessly reported the news before moving on to other things, since the average human attention span these days seems to be approaching the planck limit. (For the non physicists reading, a Planck Time Unit is the smallest measurable length of time.) When I heard the news my first reaction was … haven’t they already created artificial life, like Geralda Rivera and Glenn Beck? I guess this means that they had mothers and were conceived and born in the usual fashion. Yikes. So I looked into it, and this isn’t really a story about artificial life, it’s mostly a story about artificial hype. OK, so what exactly did esteemed scientist Dr Craig Venter do?

Quantum Cosmology. Modern cosmological research concentrates on 'quantum cosmology', which attempts to reconcile the quantum physical conditions just after the big bang with the general relativistic conditions thereafter.

Quantum Cosmology

Standard cosmology, based on Einstein's general relativity, describes most of the history of the cosmos very well. It is only when distances, volumes and energy densities are reduced to the Planck scale that general relativity fails. Gregory Hodowanec: Rhysmonic Cosmology. Hodowanec Index Gregory HODOWANEC Rhysmonic Cosmology Extraction of Energy Directly from the Aether A.

Gregory Hodowanec: Rhysmonic Cosmology

Introduction It was my original intention to include this in a revision of my monograph, Rhysmonic Cosmology. Then, I planned to write an extended Cosmology Note on this subject complete with many references by that was not practical, thus, this Note is written as a matter-of-fact essay. It is being written ‘off-the-top’ of my head, but it the only way I can convey my concepts to you in this (possible last) Cosmology Note.

B. Background Rhysmonic Cosmology got started in 1959 when Dover Publications issued a reprint of Max Planck’s ‘Theory of Heat Radiation’. Consider now the simple universe linear vectors as shown in Figure 3. Projects / Monad. Projection-mapped installation 7' x 7' x 8", wood, fabric Java/Processing, Ableton Live, Max/MSP.

projects / Monad

A quark spinning towards planck's time. Space-time at the Planck scale is topologically... - CosmosPlasma.