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Recipes. Ag, pesticides, fishing. Food shopping info. Cruelty. GMO. Food documentaries and pictures. Human Diet and Nutrition. Science Line sqtest. Trees That Feed Foundation. The Breadfruit Tree The first tree we have selected is the breadfruit.

Trees That Feed Foundation

Research shows it is already well known throughout many parts of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Central America. Recipes for an unexpected tropical wonder food - life - 27 June 2014. OK, what now?

Recipes for an unexpected tropical wonder food - life - 27 June 2014

(Image: Heinrich van den Berg/Getty) It's a tropical fruit, so you might be expecting something juicy and sweet. Doyle_2011_ch6. The Vegetarian Diet - Fruitarianism and Vegetarianism. Interviews - Michael Pollan. Maple - Tap Maple Trees at Home - Make Maple Syrup - Maple Supplies. Delicious idea: maple syrup made in Kimberley  Posted on 13.

Delicious idea: maple syrup made in Kimberley 

Broccoli compound protects rats from lethal radiation. How To Counter Radiation With Your Food! By Jeani-Rose Atchison Contributing Writer for Wake Up World In a previous article for Wake Up World I talked about sunflower seeds and their ability to help remove radiation.

How To Counter Radiation With Your Food!

It has been shown that sunflowers absorb heavy metals and so have been used extensively near Chernobyl and more recently Fukushima. It is said that Sunflower can remove 95% of the radiation in soil in 20 days where it would normally take about 30 years until radiation levels were reduced to a “safe” level. JESUS: "LET NO FLESH MEAT ENTER YOUR MOUTHS" (Lect. 38, GHT) Biblical Vegetarianism / Vegetarianism in the Bible. Meat and cheese may be as bad for you as smoking. That chicken wing you're eating could be as deadly as a cigarette.

Meat and cheese may be as bad for you as smoking

In a new study that tracked a large sample of adults for nearly two decades, researchers have found that eating a diet rich in animal proteins during middle age makes you four times more likely to die of cancer than someone with a low-protein diet—a mortality risk factor comparable to smoking. "There's a misconception that because we all eat, understanding nutrition is simple. But the question is not whether a certain diet allows you to do well for three days, but can it help you survive to be 100? " said corresponding author Valter Longo, the Edna M. Wheat Belly & Grain Brain - Ha! Klingon Worf from 'Star Trek' goes vegan. The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You.

If there's one thing in the world the food industry is dead set against, it's allowing you to actually maintain some level of control over what you eat.

The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You

See, they have this whole warehouse full of whatever they bought last week when they were drunk that they need to get rid of -- and they will do so by feeding it all to you. And it doesn't matter how many pesky "lists of ingredients" and consumer protections stand between you and them. 49 Good Reasons For Being A Vegetarian. Healthy & Compassionate lifestyle, Vegie Diet, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Restaurants, Vegan Information. Vegan Bingo. Factory Farming's Days May Be Numbered. In one of history's most stunning victories for humane farming, Australia's largest supermarket chain, Coles, will as of January 1 stop selling company branded pork and eggs from animals kept in factory farms.

Factory Farming's Days May Be Numbered

As an immediate result, 34,000 mother pigs will no longer be kept in stalls for long periods of their lives, and 350,000 hens will be freed from cages. Not to be outdone, the nation's other dominant supermarket chain, Woolworths, has already begun phasing out factory farmed animal products. In fact all of Woolworth's house brand eggs are now cage-free, and by mid-2013 all of their pork will come from farmers who operate stall-free farms. Coles and Woolworths together account for a dominant 80 percent of all supermarket sales in Australia.

The move to open up the cages was fueled by "consumer sentiment," and it has been synchronous with a major campaign against factory farming of animals led by Animals Australia. One Green Planet. When doctors can't find anything wrong with you. 10 common objections to going vegan. 'Human meat' alert at pig farm. Officials in western Canada have warned that meat from a pig farm owned by an accused serial killer may have been contaminated with human remains.

'Human meat' alert at pig farm

British Columbia health officials issued an alert urging anyone who may have meat from Robert Pickton's farm near Vancouver to contact police. Mr Pickton, 54, has been charged with 15 murders of women, most of whom were linked to Vancouver's sex trade. Police say they have found the remains of more than 20 women at the farm. Is Umami a Secret Ingredient of Vegan Activism? In a recent New York Times article, wellness reporter Tara Parker-Pope explored the challenges of going vegan.

Is Umami a Secret Ingredient of Vegan Activism?

Those challenges—including knowledge about how to prepare vegan foods and finding support—are real, although not nearly as insurmountable as Ms. Parker-Pope would have us think. In particular, she focused on the taste and experience of familiar foods, saying “Giving up favorite foods is never easy, food scientists say, for it means overriding taste preferences imprinted on the brain during a lifetime of eating.” The Rise of the Power Vegans. It used to be easy for moguls to flaunt their power.

The Rise of the Power Vegans

Me, Give Up Meat? Vegan Diets Surging in Popularity. Get the Best Hospitals 2013 guidebook. Former President Bill Clinton had a legendary appetite: Hamburgers and steaks. Barbeque. Chicken enchiladas. But after having two stents inserted in 2010—on top of quadruple bypass surgery six years earlier—he radically changed his diet in the name of saving his health. Now a vegan, the strictest type of vegetarian, he has cut out meat, dairy, eggs, and most oils in favor of a super-low-fat diet that revolves around whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. The V Spot: How to store fresh produce - From A to Zucchini. (And a handy printable.) What’s the best way to store fresh produce? Do you ever buy fresh fruits and vegetables, toss them into the produce drawer and forget about them? How to Store Vegetables & Fruit Without Plastic.