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Trumpeter Models. Trumpeter&HobbyBoss Fan Club. Trumpeter Model (@TrumpeterModel) TRUMPETER(china)小号手中国欢迎您. 小号手中国 TRUMPETER(china)-小号手中国 TRUMPETER(china) TRUMPETER(china)号手中国. Trumpeter (company) Trumpeter is a Chinese company that manufacturers plastic injection moulding military model kits.

Trumpeter (company)

Their product line consists of model ships, aircraft, cars and military ground vehicles. Trumpeter kits initially had a reputation of being somewhat less detailed than those of competitors such as Dragon or Tamiya, and accuracy issues have continued in some kits. The company is located in Zhongshan, China, just North of Macau. All of the design and development is done at this site and production facilities on site extend to full mold making engineering using spark erosion techniques.The factory has the facility to take production from design computer right through to packaging with some outsourcing done on things like photo etched parts. Not only are they making models for the Trumpeter label but, under license, also for a number of other brands like Hobby Boss, Mini Hobby and even Fujumi and Pit Road.