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AC164143 - MICROCHIP - MRF24J40MC, TXRX, DAUGHTER BOARD. TEC1-12709 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier 90W 138.6Wmax: Computers & Accessories. BladeRF x40. Sign up for the newsletter on the right side of this page to receive stock and inventory updates.

bladeRF x40

OpenBTS support is now available Kit includes: bladeRF x40 (40KLE Cyclone 4 FPGA)USB 3.0 SS cable2x SMA cables Out of the box the bladeRF can tune from 300MHz to 3.8GHz without the need for extra boards. The current open source drivers provide support for GNURadio among other things, allowing the bladeRF to be placed into immediate use. Highlights: Full-duplex 40MSPS 12bit quadrature samplingOnly SDR in its class to support high precision FPGA timed RX and TX scheduling40ppb (0.040ppm) factory calibrated VCTCXORemovable-cap RF shields for increased system sensitivity and isolation, system sensitivity as low as -102dBmUpgraded clocking architecture greatly improves system SNR to 35dBLarger and more GPIO expansion ports ( GPIO Expansion Board )SPI flash allows for headless operation ( bladeRF SDR-UAV ) Support: OpenBTS support Windows installer Schematics Source code (Github) Mechanical DXF File.

MOD-MRF24J40. ZIGBEE transciever module with MRF24J40 MRF24J40 Zigbee MiWi transciever RF Transceiver – MRF24J40 IEEE 802.15.4™ Standard compliant 2.4 GHz RF transceiver On-board antenna Pin holes for most of the transceiver signals PCB: FR-4, 1.00 mm (0,039"), solder mask, silkscreen component print Dimensions: 39.55 x 20.40 mm (1.56 x 0.80") Click on image or press Esc to close.


Ham It Up v1.2 - RF Upconverter For Software Defined Radio. Now shipping v1.2!

Ham It Up v1.2 - RF Upconverter For Software Defined Radio

Major changes include: Ham/amateur radio enthusiasts rejoice! Our MF/HF converter for software defined radio is finally available for sale. Don't let our price fool you, though. We believe this is the best SDR upconverter currently available. Female SMA for both input and output for a wide array of connectivity options. Parallella. Learn to Build Your Own Solar Cells Panels DIY Kit. UEXT. 0 item(s). 0.00 EUR Products Products Price List Universal EXTension connector UEXT is a board to board connector which supports three serial communication interfaces - I2C, SPI and RS232.


It is a great way to expand the features of the development boards you already have. UEXT guide revision B UEXT Module Categories About | Terms & Conditions | FAQ | IRC Archive | Support | Distributors | Make a wish | Работа. Welcome - Bare Conductive. BeagleBone Black. What is BeagleBone Black?

BeagleBone Black

BeagleBone Black is a $45 MSRP community-supported development platform for developers and hobbyists. Boot Linux in under 10 seconds and get started on development in less than 5 minutes with just a single USB cable. Processor: AM335x 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 512MB DDR3 RAM2GB 8-bit eMMC on-board flash storage3D graphics acceleratorNEON floating-point accelerator2x PRU 32-bit microcontrollers Connectivity USB client for power & communications USB host Ethernet HDMI 2x 46 pin headers Software Compatibility Ångström Linux Android Ubuntu Cloud9 IDE on Node.js w/ BoneScript library plus much more BeagleBone Black Projects Android on Beagle Provides a stable Google Android base port for AM335x, AM35x, AM37x, platforms.

Ubuntu on Beagle Run the Ubuntu distribution on BeagleBoard (can extend to support BeagleBone, PandaBoard, etc.) Ångström Distribution Explore this Linux distribution tailored for embedded devices and shipped with the BeagleBone Black, BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone. CubeSat Kit Home. HackRF, an open source SDR platform by Michael Ossmann » Updates. The pilot assembly began last week.

HackRF, an open source SDR platform by Michael Ossmann » Updates

As is typical with a new design, the process started slowly. After setting up the pick and place machine and reflow oven, a small batch of five units was assembled by the automated process. These units were tested in order to validate the process before proceeding with the remaining units. Unfortunately the first five did not test well. A few minor soldering problems were corrected, and they still didn't test well. He tried replacing the inductors with a vaguely similar part he had lying around, and it improved the performance.

When they arrived, I looked at the inductors and immediately noticed that they were unfamiliar. Was this an intentional counterfeit? Fortunately the distributor is taking quick action to correct the problem. The good news is that this problem allowed me to inspect and test a couple of early sample units from the factory. PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220. Open Source Hardware Ultra low-cost 32-bit PINGUINO MAPLE ARDUINO like development board ARDUINO-UNO like board with PIC32MX220F032D.


Generally this board outperforms ARDUINO-UNO in regard to hardware capabilities as you can see from the table below: * require additional chip FT232 or ATMega with USB ** hardware allows power down to 10 uA operation for hand-held battery apps The only Pinguino shortcoming compared with Arduino is the smaller community and the less projects available ready for use. I do everything just like in the examples with MOD-GSM but I receive no data. Do not use the "programmer-to-go" button when there is no image on the OLIMEX PIC-KIT3 or MICROCHIP PIC-KIT3 because that might put your microcontroller in an irrecoverable state. Related Products.