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ABAP. Portail. ESS / MSS. HCM. JCO. SAP Gateway. HR Success Factor. Andrey Kulikov / Mindmap HR Solutions from SAP. ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM): At SAP TechEd, a number of customers asked me about multi-tenant cloud architecture: What’s it all about? What are its benefits? Is it secure? And what should they look out for when cloud vendors call themselves “multi-tenant-enabled.”

They were also interested in knowing how SuccessFactors has architected its cloud solutions – and how our architecture differs from others. So, I thought I’d write a blog that explains multi-tenancy from the perspective of three audiences – software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors, SaaS customers (tenants), and SaaS users (seats on the tenant’s account) – and how SuccessFactors’ multi-tenant architecture is unique. Let’s start with a useful definition of multi-tenancy. For the SaaS vendor, multi-tenancy increases resource utilization by allowing load balancing among tenants. For the SaaS customer and user, multi-tenancy is transparent. Faux vs. A real multi-tenant environment never comingles data from multiple customers.

The SuccessFactors Approach. SAP Penetration Testing - ERPScan Security Scanner for SAP. Penetration testing is a vision of the system as seen by an attacker that can help demonstrate how easy it is to gain access to SAP critical data or check the effectiveness of secure measures implemented. Penetration tests help to find potential system breaches that would enable an attacker to gain access to business critical data or exploit vulnerabilities related to espionage, fraud and sabotage. Our office staff includes both qualified penetration testers who assess various software from the largest companies, and SAP security experts. The experience shared gives the best results. Customer testimonials: We would like to thank the world-class security experts of ERPScan for the highly qualified job performed to help us assess the security of our pre-release products. – Yücel Karabulut, Ph.D. This service is intended for you: Use this form to request aditional information about SAP Penetration Testing.