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Copy Queries(RSZC) across infoproviders which are slightly differentetwork Blogs. Copying queries across infoproviders which is done using RSZC is a well discussed topic and available on, copying queries across infoproviders which are not alike is a widely discussed topic too.Some of the solutions for this are as below: Method 1: Setting debug point as in this wiki.

Copy Queries(RSZC) across infoproviders which are slightly differentetwork Blogs

Method 2: Using ABAP as in this article. Method 3: Using a multiprovider as in this Re: How to copy query elements without Bex. I personally have not tried method 1 and 2, these two are generic solutions as I see it. But if you have a small requirements where you need to just copy between two infoproviders then you can use below option too (Method 4). Summary of BI 7.0 performance improvements. I just want to give you an overview and not go into deep details or exact instructions.

Summary of BI 7.0 performance improvements

Just wanna give you some points from where you can start your analyze and tune your system. You should try out all the tables, views and transactions by yourself. Performance issues in summaryQuery performance analyse Cache monitorST03nST13ST14StatisticsST02BW Administration CockpitOptimizing performance of InfoProvidersILM (Information Lifecycle Management)BWAQuery analyzing exampleHow Oracle 11g affects BW performanceGeneral Hints 1. Why Attribute Change Run in SAP BI 7.0 i.

Scenario In SAP BI 7.0, we often require a sub set of data to be accessed from Info cube.

Why Attribute Change Run in SAP BI 7.0 i

So, in this case we need to create smaller sets of data from the larger info cube. For Example: For a FY2009 with "Material A‟ data is only required from a set of 10 materials. How to create a new Factory Calendar in. This blog describes about the requirement to run the process chains on specific days of the week.

How to create a new Factory Calendar in

For example, if you want to run finance process chain only for 6 days of the week and would not like to run finance process chain on saturday of the week, you should be able to achieve this by following this blog. Step by Step Procedure: Step 1) Creating a new Factory Calendar to run only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and not on Saturday.

Step 2) Go to SCAL transaction in R/3 system and click the Factory calendar radio button and click on change. Step 3) Click on Create Icon and then name the new Factory calendar. Why is Oracle writing out so many archivelogs in m. Sometimes support messages have go a rather long way to finally get a solution.

Why is Oracle writing out so many archivelogs in m

The following problem came up in a support message recently and since neither the analysis steps nor the solution were obvious, I decided to make a blog out of it. Ok, so the problem statement was something like this: How to enhance CRM specific DataSource (0CRM_SALES_ORDER_I) There are a lot of topics on DataSource enhancement, all about R/3, generic DataSource, or table/view. Once I have to enhance the CRM order item DataSource, I dig a while. I can explain the theory by the following diagram. We have enhanced the table CRMD_ORDERADM_I.

SAP BW Indexing Scheme (ORACLE) <body>Definition: Indices are pointers which speed up the data retrieval process significantly.

SAP BW Indexing Scheme (ORACLE)

In its absence the performance can take a severe beating by doing a Full table scan. HowTo restrict F4 Help Values for hierarchies in Bex variable screen. I read recently some great articles about the new enhancement framework from Thomas Weiss.

HowTo restrict F4 Help Values for hierarchies in Bex variable screen

You can find the series in the SDN wiki here. I got an idea, how easy it is to extend SAP classes or function modules for customers without making modifications! In my article I want to show you how you can restrict the hierarchies for profit center if user presses F4 help on a hierarchy variable in the Bex variable screen with the enhancement framework. I created a few very simple hierarchies on profit center. Network Blog: How to Debug InfoPackages in BW. Debugging DTPs is very easy.

Network Blog: How to Debug InfoPackages in BW

There is an option in the Execute tab of the DTP that allows you to execute it in a Dialog Process and debug it (screen-shot). You may even set breakpoints. How about InfoPackages? A Tour of the DBA Cockpit: Overview. Currently Being Moderated The DBA Cockpit is an SAP tool for managing the underlying databases.

A Tour of the DBA Cockpit: Overview

Initially developed jointly by IBM and SAP for managing DB2 databases, it has been expanded to encompass all SAP-supported database platforms, and is designed to be a central point for database administration tasks and monitoring. It is available in both the sapgui interface (traditional ABAP screens), as well as a web browser interface (via ABAP WebDynpro). A Treatise on Logistics Data Extraction for Business Information. BI Master Data Partitioning. Size of master data can be as large as 40 millions or even more.

BI Master Data Partitioning

One of our Utility Client has ~ 6 millions of master data records. This master data has 90 attributes making the table size really huge. We faced issue while activating the master data. The load was failing every time while activation. We tried activating the data for master data in background as well however no use.

DataStore Objects for Direct Update. DataStore Object - DataStore Object is used to store consolidated and cleansed transaction data in transparent, flat database tables. DataStore Object Types:1) Standard DataStore Object2) Write-Optimized DataStore Object3) DataStore Object for Direct Update For detailed information on DataStore Object for Direct Update, please look into the following link.... DataStore Object for Direct UpdateThe following APIs exist for writing and deleting data in DataStore Object for Direct Update:1) RSDRI_ODSO_INSERT2) RSDRI_ODSO_INSERT_RFC3) RSDRI_ODSO_MODIFY4) RSDRI_ODSO_MODIFY_RFC5) RSDRI_ODSO_UPDATE6) RSDRI_ODSO_UPDATE_RFC7) RSDRI_ODSO_DELETE_RFC.