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Blog - Streaming Airheads. Where are the best RV blogs and sailing blogs? Here are some excellent resources to help you locate the best RV blogs and sailing blogs on the web.

Where are the best RV blogs and sailing blogs?

There is an explosion of RV and sailing blogs these days, and we’ve found it impossible to keep up with all the terrific new ones that are being published everyday. The resources listed here are from folks who do a wonderful job staying on top of the latest and greatest blogs and have been at it for as much as a decade. This page also highlights a few of the blogs that we have come across and enjoyed reading. Hitch Itch — This great list of new and exciting RV blogs has been maintained since 1997. Webmaster Ron watches for new RV blogs and ensures all blogs focus on RVing. Hitch Up And Go — Active since 2005, Tim’s fantastic list of RV blogs is extensive.

RV Resources — This is an excellent collection of the best RV blogs where Michael has featured an “RVer of the Month” since 2005 (we were grateful to be honored in October 2009). Family Camping – The Best Family Vacation Ever! Finding an RV Site. When we started our full-time RV journey having never RVed before, we didn’t have a clue how to go about finding an RV site that was right for us.

Finding an RV Site

Like everyone else, we were overwhelmed by suggestions from friends, ads from websites, forums, apps and every other imaginable source under the sun. Some of these suggestions were better than others, and some were downright awful! Through trial and error, we’ve narrowed down the process of finding a perfect RV site to a simple two-step system. These steps take a little time, but they will make all the difference in your RV stays. Step 1: Make a Personalized and Prioritized List Your priorities are most assuredly different than ours when it comes to finding an RV site.

The first thing you need to do is prioritize and personalize your own list. Chances are your personal priorities won’t change that much from site to site. Our list in priority order looks like this: Location: It’s all about location for us. RV Blogs Travelogues Journals - RV Resources. American RoadTrip RVers of the Month July 2016 In the fall of 2015 we decided we weren't very happy living the 'American Dream' (am I even allowed to say that?)

RV Blogs Travelogues Journals - RV Resources

; ). We had just gotten married in 2013, and we were both working like crazy at full time jobs and as landlords. We hardly saw each other, and felt tremendous guilt in leaving our pups (whom we adore) home alone all day. We knew we wanted to sell our house in the city, but we were unable to find another affordable option in the country. The idea sort of snuck up on both of us at the same time. Live Small Ride Free RVers of the Month June 2016 We are Ching and Jerud, a couple of outdoor enthusiasts who decided it was time to make the nomadic lifestyle happen for ourselves.

Our Rv Travels RVers of the Month May 2016 Liz and I currently live in Brunswick, GA just north of Jacksonville, FL. Venture Off Grid RVers of the Month March 2016 We decided to drop everything and start travelling the US. J. As Time Goes... GeeksOnTour.TV. Cross Country Road Trip Planning Part 1 Where To Go. Adventures in Nomadic Serendipity. Planning RV Travels Part I -> 4 General “Rules” For Planning Where To Stay & When To Go – Wheeling It.

By libertatemamo 103 Comments Some time ago one of my blog readers asked me a very good question about how we actually plan our RV travels.

Planning RV Travels Part I -> 4 General “Rules” For Planning Where To Stay & When To Go – Wheeling It

Do we pre-plan all our routes? Do we pre-book? How do we decide where to go? And when? Now the truth is there is no *one* perfect way to RV, fulltime or otherwise. 1/ Weather, Weather, Weather They say buying a house is all about location, location, location…I’ll take that and say RVing is all about weather, weather, weather. Follow the seasons -> Our general goal is cool summers and mild winters, and we plan our travels around this basis. Avoid the bugs -> We battled mosquitoes and bugs so badly our first year that I swore to avoid them as much as possible for the rest of our RVing lives. 2/ Book Ahead For Summer (And Sometimes Winter) There are many RVers who wing it all the time.

Summer-Time -> In summer, especially while kids are out of school, I will almost always book all our sites ahead of time. 3/ Seek Out Green (And Paw-Friendly) Sites. Blog Links & Resources – Wheeling It. RV Wanderlust on Pinterest. Wand'rly // How to Travel Full-time.