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THE ROCKEFELLER FAMILY  SECRET JEWS! A book overlooked by most people and published for sale mainly within the Jewish community states that the Rockefellers are Jews of Sephardic descent (meaning Spanish and Portuguese Jews).


The book is entitled "The Grandees - America's Sephardic Elite. " The author is Stephen Birmingham, who is recognized by the Jewish community as an expert on Jewish history. The publisher of "The Grandees" is the Jewish owned publishing firm of "Harper and Row" of New York City. Mr. The Rockefellers (Full) Aids; The Manufactured Virus. Top 10 Facts YOU Should Know About Monsanto. Do you know what a ***YIELD DRAG*** is?

Top 10 Facts YOU Should Know About Monsanto

The last batch of GMO corn in South Africa came up 80% SEEDLESS. South African farmers suffered millions of dollars in lost income when 82,000 hectares of genetically-manipulated corn (maize) failed to produce hardly any seeds. A major UN / World Bank sponsored report compiled by 400 scientists and endorsed by 58 countries concluded that GM crops have little to offer to the challenges of poverty, hunger, and climate change. Chinese Mafia destroy Illuminati - Interview with D. Rockefeller - Benjamin Fulford.

9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars. Sen Rockefeller: Let's Depopulate!!! Kill the Elders and Poison the children!!!!! David Rockefeller watched the WTC demolitions from his apartment window. The Rockefellers (Full) Rockefeller admits the goal is an enslaved population. Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed.