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Instructable. Motoruino. Walker_robotz. Magnetic. Building Small Robots: Making One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robots and Smaller. Here are some details on building tiny robots and circuits.

Building Small Robots: Making One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robots and Smaller

This instructable will also cover some basic tips and techniques that are useful in building robots of any size. For me, one of the great challenges in electronics is to see just how small a robot I can make. The beautiful thing about electronics is that the components just keep getting smaller and cheaper and more efficient at an incredibly fast pace. Imagine if automobile technology were like that. Unfortunately, mechanical systems at this time, are not advancing nearly as fast as electronics. This leads to one of the main difficulties in building very small robots: trying to fit in a small space, the mechanical system that moves the robot. Pic1 shows Mr. Welcome to Surveyor Corporation. TB-007 Metal Detector. TB-007 (ThunderBird 7) Big Brother of TB-6 . ( Blogged ) TB-007 is able to Detect Metal (Coins, Rings, Gold, Electric Underground/Floor Cables and annoying Bottle Tops) Improved Traction Design - aimed to cross over Stones and Sand.

I totally redesigned the Chassis of TB6 to make it more robust. 1st Video Shows it in Action. (-: towards the end are some Outakes :-) 2nd Video :- PolyMorph SkidSteer Helper © Here TB-007 has been fitted with a Wireless Camera - so i can sit in my deck chair and watch its progress should it wander off. The Camera is mounted to a servo which also has a Laser pointer attached (see main picture) - During "Fine Detect" phase of software loop, the servo positions itsself to look and pinpoint with laser and Video the exact location of Metal Found. The underside shows the layout of the Motors and a new PolyMorph SkidTurn Helper © Here is the PolyMorph SkidTurn Helper © in more detail - In the Down Position.

How to Build a Robot Tutorial - Society of Robots. Rumble Robot Arduino Hack - Build your own roving robot. Want to build your own Rumblebot?

Rumble Robot Arduino Hack - Build your own roving robot

Great! Let's get started. First, find a Rumble Robot on eBay, a thrift store or a yard sale. You can get them for $5 - $20 each. You will also need an Arduino micro controller , a Parallax PING sensor , an LED, a micro switch and a 100 ohm resistor. You can buy an Arduino for about $30 from many suppliers. The Parallax PING sensor is an ultrasonic device that can sense distance. You will also need the Arduino software and a computer with a USB port to upload code to the Arduino. Now let's get inside the robot and get to work . First, let's look at the pin outs on the main board inside the robot. They are connected as follows: Pin 1.0 Left motor FORWARD Pin 1.1 Left motor REVERSE Pin 1.2 Right motor FORWARD Pin 1.3 Right motor REVERSE In photo # 4 we see the ground wire which is connected to the pin I've labeled in the photo on the white connector and the other four wires soldered in place.

Now we need to mount the PING sensor, bump switch and Arduino. Robotics Journal. Surveyor SRV-1 Blackfin Robot on CNN CNN news link: Posted Fri, 25 Jun 2010 14:21 | HTML Link | see additional stories ...

Robotics Journal

BSM RoboCupRescue in Singapore We are receiving daily reports from the Benilde-St Margaret's RoboCup team as they prepare for RoboCupJr Search competition at the 2010 RoboCup championships in Singapore. Benilde-St Margaret's Advanced Competitive Science (BSM ACS) team has been one of the SRV-1 Blackfin's most active developers, originating the SRV-RCM expansion board, helping in development of labview-srv console for LabVIEW and extending the definition of robot functions supported in SRV-1 picoC.

BSM ACS is the sole US team competing against 26 other teams representing Japan, Germany, Thailand, Iran and others. Posted Sat, 19 Jun 2010 12:38 | HTML Link | see additional stories ... First SRV1Console images from SRV-1 Blackfin Linux We just captured first images from simple srv1 server application running on the Blackfin uclinux port. Arduino - HomePage.