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Restauração / restauradores / restoration

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Photo Restoration and Picture Painting from Photo. Rappahannock Business Alliance - element. Farrow Al. Recoop - The Restoration and Conservation Coop Ltd. Ancient Art Conservation and Restoration. Our approach to restoration of antiquities is fundamentally conservational.

Ancient Art Conservation and Restoration

It is possible to decrease the value of ancient art by going too far, making it too “perfect.” Ancient art is almost always marked by its age, and in many cases the signs of age are an aesthetic asset. For instance, a smooth green patina is a beautiful signature of the antiquity of a Roman or Greek bronze. No one expects to see a polished bronze surface or even the bare metal itself. Conservationally, however, one must be sure that such a patina is stable, not continuing to corrode, as in the case of bronze disease which can aggressively reduce a bronze object to powder. Antique Glass Vase Repair Another mark of antiquity is the beautiful rainbow iridescence that occurs on the surface of many pieces of ancient glass.

Incompleteness itself can be taken as a mark of age. Restoration of Ancient Ceramic Art Egyptian Bronze Falcon. Conservation, Restoration and Artistic Craftsmanship. Art Glass Repair. Art Glass Restoration. Art glass is a special form of art – it seems not entirely liquid, nor entirely solid, it is both -- as well as intricate and flowing.

Art Glass Repair. Art Glass Restoration

It is one of life's great rewards when a special piece of art glass is added to the elegance and style to your home. In the last 30 years, glass art has seen a considerable increase in popularity. Many people choose to add glass sculptures to their art collections. Unfortunately, the very nature of glass sculpture makes it a fragile medium. When these sculptures are broken, owners must find a skilled restoration and repair specialist, such as Bokrosh Studio which produces glass repair in Seattle. Art glass is often an important financial investment. Your glass artwork is entirely unique and there are many different styles and techniques – some dating back for centuries, other contemporary in nature. Michael Bokrosh is the skilled artisan that can produce restorations to these special pieces of art. Museum Conservation Institute Art Conservation Training.

Training in the United States Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Old Post Office Building Room 809 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20004 Certificate of attendance for seminars.

Museum Conservation Institute Art Conservation Training

American Academy of Decorative Finishes PO Box 12253 Scottsdale, AZ 85267 (602) 991-8560 Teaches the fine art of decorative finishes, courses, and videos. Amigos Library Services 14400 Midway Road Dallas, TX 75244-3509 (972) 851-8000; (800) 843-8482 Courses in paper-based materials and collections.

Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies 203 East Seminary Street PO Box 66 Mt. Carroll, IL 61053 (815) 244-1173 Courses in conservation. Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. 8332 Bristol Court #107 Jessup, MD 20794 (800) 684-0901 FAX (800) 684-0904 Three-day stone patching training course offered. Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg Institute PO Box 1776 Williamsburg, VA 23187-1776 (800) 603-0948; (757) 565-8637 FAX (757)565-8630 Forums, symposiums, programs, workshops, and classes.

Restoration and Artistic Services. "Sometimes it is only in hindsight we realize memories are special to us.

Restoration and Artistic Services

We draw comfort in the knowledge that those memories will always be with us. I sincerely believe in a portrait's historical importance. Portraits show not only what we look like but tell a story of where we came from, how our family is composed and who is significant in our lives. " Karen Walker Preserve your family history. All artwork is by quote after careful inspection of original photograph, usually in the range of $10 - $50. Printed by one of the Nation's best professional photo labs, your newly restored image will be a top quality, real photo print, not a fragile inkjet print. Art Conservation and Restoration - FAQ's. Art Restoration & Antique Repair: Wiebold Studio.

ULTIMATE CERAMIC RESTORATION - ARTISTIC TRAILER - Glass Art Repair Expert. Glass Restoration. Glass Sculptures Repair. Original Artistic Glass Sculptures. Stephans Furniture Restoration Artistic Works. POSTERFIX.COM. POSTERFIX.COM.