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Architecture Visualization, Butterfly House and Modeling. Making of Toyo Ito's Sendai Mediatheque. Today I’m happy to share with you the making of Best of Week 42/2014 – The Sendai Mediatheque remake by Imagine Studio from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Making of Toyo Ito's Sendai Mediatheque

Done as an in-house project they achieved remarkable results, especially with the dusk views in this set, which makes this an interesting peak. Enjoy! Introduction Hello everyone! Making of Mountain Meadow. Dominic Maslik shared a beautiful matte painted image on the forums back in May that went under the radar.

Making of Mountain Meadow

So to get proper attention I’m publishing today the making of Mountain meadow. Seeing what went on behind the scenes will hopefully spark some discussion and provide some well deserved attention to this piece. Enjoy! Hello, everyone. First of all, I would like to thank Ronen and you, the blog readers, for the chance to talk about my work. I would also like to thank the 3d artists who inspired me with their creativity to create the “Mountain meadow”. The architectural part of the “Mountain meadow” was done by the architectural studio “Elforma” and I made the renders which will be discussed.

Thanks! Making of Arts & Crafts. Diego Querol shared his beautiful Arts&Crafts images back in March on the forums.

Making of Arts & Crafts

Since then he shared two more sets related to this great personal project, the upper area of the studio and a Tattoo Salon, as well as winning the 3dawards with the image behind. Today he takes us for a ride into his great looking mess of things, breaking it down to bits from initial concept to final post-production. Enjoy! Making of Sea and Mountain Cabins. Today I’m happy to share with you this making of by Dusan Stevic from Architectural ID, a Serbian based visualization studio founded in 2011.

Making of Sea and Mountain Cabins

The “Sea and Mountain Cabins” is a commercial project for showcasing their client’s cabins. Follow Dusan as he dives into the process of showcasing a wooden dominant design using 3dsmax and V-Ray is his main tools with lots of Floor Generator on the way. Enjoy! Introduction. Making of Hotel 114. Thomas Vournazos, from Slashcube, posted on the forums a super cool looking visual of Hotel 114 – A small project he did for a hotel design in Oberkampf area in Paris.

Making of Hotel 114

Showcasing a vibrant, night life scenario, was the main goal for this image and nicely done. Using Maxon’s Cinema 4D along with Corona Renderer for C4D, Thomas describes his workflow in this article for all to learn from. Enjoy! Hi guys, Making of Lake Lugano House. David Santos has set upon recreating the Lake Lugano House.

Making of Lake Lugano House

A beautifully designed house by JM Architecture that he modeled using SketchUP 2015 and rendered with V-Ray for SketchUP v2.0 as part of a personal study of HDRI based dusk lighting. Follow David in this article as he takes us from start to finish on this one. Enjoy! Introduction The Lake Lugano House (Brusino Arsizio, Switzerland) project was born out of my motivation to explore the new possibilities enabled by SketchUp 2015 and V-Ray for SketchUP 2.0. Photo by Peter Sieling My goal with this project was to study dusk scenes with artificial interior and exterior lightning, and took close to two weeks to complete. The project also includes an image with cloudy sky and gold interior. Carey House Tutorial 02 - Landscape cont. — The Boundary.

Once the basic gravel objects had been scatted on the surface a noise map was used as a distribution map rather than one of the standard presets so that we could gain a bit more control over the patchyness of the gravel. to create the tyre tracks several splines were created and attached to create one object.

Carey House Tutorial 02 - Landscape cont. — The Boundary

This was then added as an exclusion area. This spline must be set to exclude in the Areas rollup and given a thickness to control the tyre track width. Making of Student Residence. A week after my post "Student Residence" on Evermotion forum, I received a kind proposal from Evermotion for the making of the scene to share knowledge with our community and I have to say that I'm glad & honoured to do that.

Making of Student Residence

I would like to give great thanks to Evermotion offering me a chance for doing this making of and all of CG community's nice comments for my work so far. First, I'd like you to take a look at some final images below. Click on images to see full resolution. You can also find full set in the post from Evermotion or Ronenbekerman forum. Modeling First, for the building, I imported the facades from cad file to arrange in 3dsmax viewport and used some poly commands to model the building, as this is a simple building so I'm not focusing much on modeling of the building.

The sidewalk was created with floor generator script and a little height tilted to make random altitude for a more natural look. The next step is very simple, just apply the map to the road. Materials: Making of Small Luxury Bathroom - Tip of the Week. This small, but luxury bathroom is placed in Chalet Black Pearl built by Philippe Capezzone, owner and designer of the 5* Hotel Kilimandjaro in Courchevel 1850.

Making of Small Luxury Bathroom - Tip of the Week

Chalet Black Pearl is a mix of contemporary design mingled with traditional Savoyard stone and classic woodwork panelling. Finished with Andrew Martin materials and furnishings together with many local Savoyard artefacts. Interior scene was made in 3ds Max and V-Ray by Kuba Dąbrowski from Evermotion. Making of Scandinavian Bedroom - Tip of the Week. This interior scene was made in 3ds Max and V-Ray by Evermotion.

Making of Scandinavian Bedroom - Tip of the Week

It is scene 6 from Archinteriors vol. 35. You can purchase this single scene or entire Archinteriors vol. 35 collection in Evermotion Shop. Click on image to enlarge This is a small bedroom in Scandinavian style - a lot of bright, clean design, simple "rustical" furniture and a warm feeling achieved with the lighting. Making of creative office - Tip of the Week. Making of white kitchen - Tip of the Week. This interior scene was made by Kamil Kuklo in 3ds Max and V-Ray. Making of KBC House. Stelios Zenieris, from MORFO Architectural Visualization studio, posted the KBC house visuals on the forums back in February this year. The frame of the uniquely shaped house ‘bathing’ in trees captured me and I wanted to learn more about this project and what went on behind the scenes.

Today I’m very happy to share this article that Stelios kindly provided. Enjoy! Introduction. Making of warm office interior - Tip of the Week. This office interior scene comes from Archinteriors vol. 33 (scene 3). It is available separately and in Archinteriors vol. 33 collection, among 9 other office scenes. The scene main features: concrete fasade elements behind the window, concrete ceiling supports, a lot of props and soft, warm interior lighting. Click on image to enlarge Final image after post-production. Making of Modern Bathroom. This white master bathroom joins old and modern style in great fashion. This interor, located in Atlanta was redesigned by Mark Williams / Mark Williams Design Associates.

Original photo was taken by Chelsey Bowen. Interior scene was made from scratch by Kuba Dąbrowski from Evermotion. It is scene 05 from Archinteriors vol. 39. You can buy Archinteriors vol. 39 collection in Evermotion Shop. Click on image to enlarge. Making of Los Faiques Dwelling. Pixelpark‘s ‘Los Faiques Dwelling’ visuals, inspired by the real ‘Los Faiques Dwelling’ designed by DURAN & HERMISA arquitectos asociados, awarded them Best Visualization of the Week NO. 04/2014 for a remarkable CG remake and level of details they went into during the process.