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[EUMon] BioMAT - The EuMon integrated Biodiversity Monitoring & Assessment Tool
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SCALES Human actions, motivated by social and economic driving forces, generate various pressures on biodiversity, such as habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, land use related disturbance patterns, or species invasions that have an impact on biodiversity from the genetic to the ecosystem level. Each of these factors acts at characteristic scales, and the scales of social and economic demands, of environmental pressures, of biodiversity impacts, of scientific analysis, and of governmental responses do not necessarily match. However, management of the living world will be effective only if we understand how problems and solutions change with scale. SCALES
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Eionet European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity A Topic Centre of The European Environment Agency <div class="important-msg"><strong>WARNING:</strong> JavaScript is either disabled or not installed. In order to use this application please enable or install it. Trouver l'état de conservation d'une espèce Trouver l'état de conservation d'une espèce
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