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Twitter is Sexist. The current trending topic: #howtopissawomanoff is sexist.

Twitter is Sexist

Matter of fact, Twitter is sexist. Every so often, there is a trending topic where men go off on females, it’s as if men have finally found a place to voice their opinion. Men have suddenly found an outlet and other men can agree by retweeting a follower’s exact sentiment. Although, it just a social networking site; where is the love for the opposite sex? The trending topics always seem to showcase how frustrated men are with women.

100 + Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing. Editor’s note: Due to the large amount of spammers this post series has attracted, we are closing comments.

100 + Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing

However, we’ve pulled all the posts together into one! You can now see the entire list of fantastic Twitter applications in our free ebook download: 100+ Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing While perusing my Twitter feed the other day, I came across a post with over 160 Twitter applications. It was written in Italian and posted by @CartoneWeb; you can see the Italian version here. Some of them you’ll need to sign up for; others can connect directly with your Twitter account. I just couldn’t bear to think that English-speaking followers would miss this great list, so I did what I always do and decided to share the buzz regardless of language barriers. Over 1,000 applications exist for Twitter users. Anti-spam Tired of being spammed? TrueTwit is an application used to validate new followers so you don’t have to. Sharing Tools Music. 80 Ways To Use Twitter As A SMB Owner.

It’s pretty common.

80 Ways To Use Twitter As A SMB Owner

A small business owner comes to us looking for help promoting his or her business. We suggest using Twitter as a way to find new leads, build relationships and as an overall way to cost effectively market their business. The small business owner then turns around, tilts their head and responds, “Twitter? « Twitter, se créer des opportunités en gazouillant avec tact et. 10 aspects ou astuces que vous ne connaissez peut-être pas sur T.

5 Tips for Branding Your Business on Twitter. Twitter can drive leads and sales.

5 Tips for Branding Your Business on Twitter

However, because of the simplicity of the Twitter platform , some businesses overlook simple ways to improve their business' branding on Twitter. Taking the time to optimize your brand on Twitter is important to help capture the ultra-short attention span of users scrolling through their Twitter feeds. One way to enhance your company's branding on social platforms like Twitter is by empowering all employees to be part of your company's brand online. It is not about mandating that employees support the company online; that doesn't work. Instead, it is about providing tools for employees to easily become a part of your online brand . Twitter, t’es plus mon copain ! « le BOG.


50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business. We really can’t deny the fact that businesses are testing out Twitter as part of their steps into the social media landscape.

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

You can say it’s a stupid application, that no business gets done there, but there are too many of us (including me) that can disagree and point out business value. I’m not going to address the naysayers much with this. Instead, I’m going to offer 50 thoughts for people looking to use Twitter for business. And by “business,” I mean anything from a solo act to a huge enterprise customer. Your mileage may vary, and that’s okay. Oh, and please feel free to reblog this wherever. 101 for Business — A Special Guide. Guide de survie Twitter : s'y retrouver dans les listes. Listes Twitter. Social Media Marketing: Top Twitter Tips for Business Bloggers. Médias sociaux > Les nouvelles ambitions de Twitter et Facebook. Le mois d’avril a été très riche et surtout très structurant pour les médias sociaux et notamment Twitter et Facebook.

Médias sociaux > Les nouvelles ambitions de Twitter et Facebook

Nouveau modèle économique, couche sémantique et infiltration sociale du web pour Twitter Il y a tout d’abord eu la grande messe de Twitter où on été révélé les derniers chiffres d’audience : 105 millions d’utilisateurs pour 180 millions de V.U. mensuel ;300.000 nouveaux inscrits par jour ;75% du trafic en provenance d’applications tiers. Avec les 3/4 de son activité en dehors du site web, on comprend mieux pourquoi ils ont décidé de racheter Tweetie (un client Twitter pour Mac OS) et déstabiliser ainsi une bonne partie de l’écosystème.

Cette conférence a également été l’occasion de faire le point sur le chemin parcouru (lire à ce sujet : The State and Future of Twitter 2010: Part One) ainsi que sur le modèle économique (sans grande surprise : The Twitter Ad Model Revealed. Tous les détails sont ici : Getting Started with @Anywhere. 21 Tips for Using Twitter and Facebook for Business. InShare58 Following is an abbreviated excerpt from Engage, a new book that helps businesses build, cultivate, and measure success in social media.

21 Tips for Using Twitter and Facebook for Business

Last year, Forbes magazine assembled a visual list for its Top 21 Twitter Tips to showcase business examples on how to use Twitter for marketing, service, sales, and ideation. The original compilation served as inspiration for a new list, one that helps businesses of all shapes, sizes, and focus embrace not only Twitter, but all social networks of relevance. While many of the examples and quotes remain the same, the list is modified based on my observations and personal experiences. Number 1. People are making decisions on what to read, view, purchase, visit, and sample based on the information that filters through their attention dash- boards.

For example, California Tortilla (@caltort), a chain of 39 casual Mexican restaurants based in Rockville, MD, sends coupon passwords via Twitter, which customers must say at checkout to redeem the offer.