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How do Majestic and LinkScape get their raw data? Does your built-in bullshit detector cry in agony when you read announcements of link analysis tools claiming to have crawled Web pages in the trillions? Can a tiny SEO shop, or a remote search engine in its early stages running on donated equipment, build an index of that size? It took Google a decade to reach these figures, and Google’s webspam team alone outnumbers the staff of SEOmoz and Majestic , not to speak of infrastructure. Rankings of Best SEO, PPC, Web Design and Development, Local Search, Reputation Management Companies, Firms, Agencies, Firm, Company. Keyword Eye : Visual Keyword Suggestion Tool PPC, SEO, Niche Finder.


Keyword-tool. Huge list of profitable niches. Originally Posted by johnsonmmWrong, Ive had success with a few of the niches on the list.

Huge list of profitable niches

And as you can tell by looking at my profile details i'm a noob. Are you obviously going to tell me that all the niches on the list are useless?? The only usless thing on this thread is your post and its posts like yours which keep beginners from getting anywhere. Only fools waste their time looking for a golden niche, you start off the general niches like the one's the list and move on to subniches, any noob could tell you that. As you become more advanced you have an increased ability to market with more unique custom niches, but that usually comes with experience...I think homeboys just mad cuz he spotted his niche on the list...I Guess you TOOOOOLD Me...The simple fact of the matter is a niche is describe as a target marketed willing to pay to have there problem solve.


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