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How to Apply for Adjunct Positions. As director of my university’s first-year writing program, I hire twenty to thirty adjunct faculty members each semester.

How to Apply for Adjunct Positions

I also worked as an adjunct for three years before I took my current permanent position. Adjunct faculty positions often do not follow as clear or consistent of an application process as tenure-track or other more permanent positions, which makes it difficult for some people to know how they can most effectively attract the attention of those who hire. In this post, I will offer ProfHacker readers a few concrete steps that will hopefully help them find adjunct positions more quickly and easily.

Finding Useful Adjunct Jobs - Advice. By Paige Reynolds Let me open with a few concessions: Yes, adjunct faculty members are paid less than they deserve.

Finding Useful Adjunct Jobs - Advice

And yes, the academy does itself a huge disservice by relying so heavily on part-timers to teach its classes. Institutions need to hire more full-time professors and to provide them with decent benefits. That said, rather than engage in debates about the pros and cons of adjunct teaching, I would like to share some practical advice with those who want to test the waters of teaching through a part-time position. Religious Studies Adjunct Jobs.