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How to Apply for Adjunct Positions. As director of my university’s first-year writing program, I hire twenty to thirty adjunct faculty members each semester.

How to Apply for Adjunct Positions

I also worked as an adjunct for three years before I took my current permanent position. Adjunct faculty positions often do not follow as clear or consistent of an application process as tenure-track or other more permanent positions, which makes it difficult for some people to know how they can most effectively attract the attention of those who hire. In this post, I will offer ProfHacker readers a few concrete steps that will hopefully help them find adjunct positions more quickly and easily.

First, I must be clear that these are the steps that I know will work with me and my program. Because of the lack of consistency that I already mentioned, it’s highly possible that another person at another institution will want to follow a different process, and I hope we can cover those differences in the comments. Email is a fine way to communicate. Return to Top. Finding Useful Adjunct Jobs - Advice. By Paige Reynolds Let me open with a few concessions: Yes, adjunct faculty members are paid less than they deserve.

Finding Useful Adjunct Jobs - Advice

And yes, the academy does itself a huge disservice by relying so heavily on part-timers to teach its classes. Institutions need to hire more full-time professors and to provide them with decent benefits. That said, rather than engage in debates about the pros and cons of adjunct teaching, I would like to share some practical advice with those who want to test the waters of teaching through a part-time position. If you're thinking about becoming a professor, it's important to see if you actually enjoy teaching. So while this advice is really directed toward graduate students seeking their first adjunct positions, I hope it offers valuable insights to those already teaching. How can you find adjunct teaching jobs? You won't have to look too hard, given how plentiful these positions are. How can you select an adjunct position "strategically? " Use any connections you have. Religious Studies Adjunct Jobs.