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Participating colleges. St Patrick’s College, Maynooth opened its doors as an educational institution in 1795 and, over the intervening two centuries, it has established for itself an impressive reputation for scholarship and learning.

Participating colleges

The Pontifical University has close links with Maynooth University. The two universities share the same campus and co-operate in a number of important academic programmes. The Pontifical University, Maynooth and Maynooth University share the same facilities on campus. The Maynooth University Access Office caters for students of Maynooth University and for students of the Pontifical University, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

Maynooth is the perfect environment for learning. Pontifical University Entry Requirements HEAR 2016 Information on the number of reduced points places per course available in Pontifical University Maynooth and the method of selecting eligible HEAR students for the reduced points places is available at: Other Supports and Services for Students with Disabilities - Welcome to! Depending on the college and the resources available, colleges may offer a range of additional services and supports above and beyond what is eligible for funding under the Fund for Students with Disabilities.

Other Supports and Services for Students with Disabilities - Welcome to!

These include: Rehabilitative training - EVE. Training - RT Foundation Skills Training Rehabilitative training programmes for people with disabilities are designed to equip participants with foundation level personal, social and work related skills that will enable them to progress to greater levels of independence and integration.

Rehabilitative training - EVE

The programmes are designed to promote health and social gain for participants. Participants must be registered with the Rehabilitation Training Guidance Service or their Local Health Offices. Training Centres HSE - Community Healthcare Area 9 HSE - Community Healthcare Area 7 Applications for Service? EVE continually offer a service to individuals who require a service.

Recovery. FÁS - Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is the recognised means by which people are trained to become craftspeople in Ireland.

FÁS - Apprenticeship

The main craft trades (see Listing) have been designated by SOLAS and come within the scope of the Statutory Apprenticeship system, which is organised in Ireland by SOLAS in co-operation with the Department of Education and Skills, employers and unions. Apprenticeship is a demand-driven, workplace and classroom, educational and training programme for employed people aimed at developing the skills of the apprentice to meet the needs of industry and the labour market. The Curriculum for each apprenticeship programme is based on uniform, pre-specified standards which are agreed and determined by industry.

On successful completion of an apprenticeship, a QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate is awarded; this is recognised internationally as the requirement for craftsperson status. Further information about becoming, or employing, an apprentice, contact your local Training Centre. My Chosen Course is in a Further Education College in Ireland - Welcome to! CITY OF DUBLIN - Welcome to! Tralee Community College, Clash, Tralee, Co. Kerry - Welcome to! Fund for Students with Disabilities - Welcome to! The Fund for Students with Disabilities allocates funding to further and higher education colleges for the provision of services and supports to full-time students with disabilities.

Fund for Students with Disabilities - Welcome to!

The Fund aims to ensure that students can participate fully in their academic programmes and are not disadvantaged by reason of a disability. Eligible students can receive assistance from the Fund from PLC level right up to doctoral level. You do not have to be in first year of a course to be eligible to apply for the Fund*. Application for the first time can be made during any year of study on an approved course at further or higher education level. A claim under the Fund is made on behalf of an eligible student by their college following an assessment of need. Final%20DCU%20discrimination%20report%20Dec%202010.pdf. Country Note.pdf. Education in Northern Ireland. Coordinates: Education in Northern Ireland differs from systems used elsewhere in the United Kingdom, though it is more similar to that used in Wales than it is to Scotland.

Education in Northern Ireland

A child's age on 1 July determines the point of entry into the relevant stage of education unlike England and Wales where it is 1 September. Northern Ireland's results at GCSE and A-Level are consistently top in the UK. Report an Incident - HSENI - Controlling Risk Together - Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland. The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1997, place a legal duty on: Employers; Self-employed people;People in control of premises; To report work-related deaths, major injuries or over-three-day injuries*, work related diseases, and dangerous occurrences (near miss accidents).

Report an Incident - HSENI - Controlling Risk Together - Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland

Since 1 April 2013, employers have the option to report all work related incidents to HSENI, no matter who the relevant enforcing authority is for the business. HSENI, in agreement with district councils, are now offering this new service, in the hope that it will make it easier for employers to report incidents at work. This is especially relevant where it is difficult for an employer to determine who their relevant enforcing authority is. While RIDDOR's over 3 day reporting requirement changed in GB on 6 April 2012, the position in NI remains unchanged at present.

Report an Injury (NI2508) Report a Dangerous Occurrence (NI2508) Report a Disease Case (NI2508A) ABOUT SFW « Skills For Work.