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Recycled crafts

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Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose. Recycled crafts. Recycled crafts. Blogger Craft. Clothing. Recycle repurpose. Recycled yarn, fabric yarn and spinning fiber. 35 Creative Ways To Recycle Wooden Pallets. From storing items, beds or coffee tables to window boxes, shoe cabinets or comfortable rockers, a wooden pallet is anything but waste timber.

35 Creative Ways To Recycle Wooden Pallets

Since lots of companies are dependent on fiber from wood recycling, why not to try to gain all the benefits for your home? Perfect for a lounge area in the balcony or a lovely corner in the garden, wooden pallets can be combined, remodeled and fixed up in practical desks, chairs, bookcases, tables and beds. Have a look on the gallery below and you will find many ideas of pallet furniture. If you decide to do it by yourself, our advice is to use basic tools and pallets; the standard recommendations for recycled wood pallets are 24 x 24 or 30x 30 – buy it from here. Don’t miss: 20 Patios Perfect for Your Garden and 45 Delightful Outdoor Dining Area Design Ideas If you are passionate about reducing the amount of trees being cut down, then you will understand our call to recycle and reuse old pallets instead of manufacturing new products.

Or 30 x 30. 50 Ways To Re-Purpose & Reuse Glass Jars. Atomic Shrimp - Random Pages A few articles you might not have noticed before: Lime Leaves May 2010 - Spring has finally arrived and the trees are starting to leaf out - the young leaves of Lime trees are supposedly edible - let's give them a try.

Atomic Shrimp -

Cardboard Tube Party Poppers. You will need: TP tubes Tissue paper Wrapping paper Scissors Tape Ribbon Small trinkets, candy, notes etc....

Cardboard Tube Party Poppers

Cut tissue paper large enough to go around roll and hang over edges about 2 in. Cut wrapping paper in the same manner, but only let hang over about 1 1/2 in to 1 3/4 in. Next, cut TP roll in half. Place two halves of roll back together as if you hadn't cut them. Wrap tissue paper around tube and tape. Take lengths of ribbon and GENTLY tie around ends of paper. DIY: Gift Bags Made from Recycled Envelopes. By Jessica Jones, How About Orange Find an envelope of any size.

DIY: Gift Bags Made from Recycled Envelopes

(I embellished these by printing a label on the front of them first. You can use my design if you want; these PDFs are set up according to how my printer feeds envelopes through. If yours is different, you might need to experiment. How To Make A Bow Out Of Recycled Magazines. Guest post by Jennifer Young of I Art U blog.

How To Make A Bow Out Of Recycled Magazines

These easy-to-make bows will be gracing a few of my presents this year. I’ve found a lot of inspiration in magazines lately. This one is from Whole Living. Scroll all the way down for the written step by step instructions and materials or learn how to make your own from the photo step by step… Hanging Candle Holders. You will need: Old baby food jars, cleaned Copper electrical wiring Craft knife Spray paint or paint for glass (Perm-Enamels by Delta, or Glossies by Liquitex) Needlenose pliers Tea candle Leftover copper electrical wiring was used for the candleholder at the by removing the plastic sheath and taking just the wires out.

Hanging Candle Holders

You can do this by cutting down the length of the wire with a craft knife and peeling back the plastic. This isn't easy and should be done carefully by an adult. 1. Paint your jar. Crafting in Technicolour by AlternateNormality. Crafting in Technicolour by AlternateNormality. Recycled Materials Crochet Patterns.

Franken Flowers. Silk flowers are a controversial subject.

Franken Flowers

Not since the OJ Simpson verdict has a nation stood so squarely divided. Some people loathe silk flowers. They write them off as tacky, dusty, dated, and only acceptable in conjunction with gravestones and in funeral parlors. In their minds, silk flowers are best relegated to the dead. In the other camp, there are those who worship silk flowers for their joyful appearance and economical price tag. Hair Barrette Necklaces. Why should little girls have all the fun?

Hair Barrette Necklaces

Big girls can wear hair flair too! No pigtails required :) Last time I went scouring for art supplies at the beauty supply store I unearthed these wonderful plastic flower hair barrettes for a buck a box! Cute huh? How to Remove Candle Wax From Glass Containers. I am writing this post for three reasons. 1.

How to Remove Candle Wax From Glass Containers

Because I am a hoarder and hate throwing away anything. 2. Because in a couple of weeks, I am going to show a craft project that requires leftover wax as one of the materials. How To Unravel A Sweater To Recycle Yarn. This is the sweater we will be unraveling.

How To Unravel A Sweater To Recycle Yarn

Turn your sweater inside-out, grab a pair of sharp scissors and let's get started! There are good seams and bad seams. This is an example of a good seam. Invention Dice. Shortcuts If you can't find suitable timber, or can't be bothered with all that cutting and sanding, it's possible to buy blank dice or wooden cubes from craft stores. Recycled Jewelry: Inspiration. By LiveOAK Staff on November 10, 2008 Brazilian designer, Mana Bernades works with teenagers and students in Brazil teaching jewelry making and creative re-use. She sees luxury in seemingly unusable materials using mini-flasks, PET bottles, phone cards, toothpicks, hair clips, plastic netting, pearls & silver to create unique, modern jewelry crafted by hand.

By using recycled materials, the Mana collection demonstrates that re-use can be beautiful and this is done through collaborative education engaging young people to create beauty through eco-friendly design. Lined Canvas Diaper Box. You can find almost anything on Pinterest…it’s true. Upon wasting my time searching the other day, I found a fantastic tutorial on upcycling diaper boxes. Hmmm…what could I do with this? Oh, yes – toys scattered all about our living room floor: check, a desire to get said toys put away when not in use: check, cute fabric laying there staring at me: check! How-Tuesday: Light Bulb Terrariums.

Metal craft

Newspaper, Plastic Bags, Dog Hair Yarn. April 23rd, 2009 Email 25 users recommend Recycle newspaper into yarn. via greenupgrader Spin your pet's hair into yarn. Paper. Plastic. Passion4plants — re-use of salad/lettuce hearts :) first cut it... Recyclart, The art of recycling, reusing & upcycling ! Repurposing Tricks.

Recycling It: Rope Wrapped Cowboy Hat Stand, Cheap and easy! Seasonal crafts recycled. Recycled Styrofoam Wall Organizer. Upcycle Style: Braided T-shirt Rug. I love making projects that involve at least one of the following criteria: decluttering, upcycling, sewing and a need. Recycled T-shirt - Dogs Tugga Toy. This home made dog toy is perfect for tug of war games or fetch. It is so simple to make that even kids can put it together. Turn A T-Shirt Into Pom Poms. Learn how to turn old t-shirts into pom poms! Talisman This Recycled Life. Trash Matcher.

The Twice Remembered Cottage - A Cottage Transformation Journey. "Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air"~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. Bystephanielynn - Under the Table and Dreaming. T-Shirt Yarn Tutorial. Another tutorial to help save our Mother Earth by turning unwanted items into something useful.